Cosgrove Timeline

Village events in yellow.

Church events in green

~ 1800 BC Neolithic and Beaker finds in the area.

Watling Street used by ancient people as a trackway.

00 AD Crucifixion of Jesus.

45 AD Romans settled in Towcester.

61 AD Boudica at Cuttle Mill on Watling Street.
100 AD

c150 Roman villa (farm + buildings) and timber shrine built in Cosgrove.

c190 Bath and house fell into disuse and were demolished.
Temple constructed.

200 AD Roman Head of Towcester made.

c280 Villa declines. Alterations to the Temple

300 AD

394 Christianity becomes official religon of Britain.

400 AD Temple still standing but disused.

410 AD Roman soldiers left Towcester.

c500 Legends of King Arthur.

c600 Saxon activity - pottery near Roman Villa site.

Saxon and Aglian invasion in the area.

700 AD

800 AD

c890 Viking activity - area under Danelaw defined by Watling Street.

900 AD

c917 Edward the Elder holds the Danes at Stony Stratford. Northampton area cedes to West Saxons.

1000 AD First Millenium.

1066 Norman conquest.

1086 Cosgrove and Forho recorded in the Domesday Book.

1100 AD

1131 Area passed to Maudit family by the King.

c1180 Cosgrove Church in Diocese of Lincoln. Early Chancel building. Chancel corbels carved.

1189 Robin Hood legends.

1200 AD

1215 King John besieged in Northampton Castle by the Barons.

1220 Church advowson purchased by Knights Hospitallers after the Crusades.

c1250 Towcester Market established.

c1280 North Aisle built in the Church.

1290 Eleanor of Castile's funeral cortege passes Cosgrove - her cross was built at Stony Stratford.

1300 AD

1315 Heavy rain brings two year famine.

1330 Frankpledge court at Cosgrove and Furtho reported "since time immemorial".

1349 Black Death overwhelms Northamptonshire.

c1350 Church Tower constructed - 84 feet high.
The original East window was replaced in the Church.

1400 AD Owning an English Bible is outlawed.

c1450 Santa Maria bell cast. Chancel arch rebuilt after the fire.

1464 Elizabeth Woodville secretly marries Edward IV at Grafton.

1483 Princes in the Tower captured at the Rose and Crown, Stony Stratford.

1500 AD

1512 Church recorded as "St Peter's" only.

1526 Henry VIII acquires Grafton Manor, where courts Ann Boleyn.

1529 Henry VIII meets Wolsey at Grafton to try to resolve a divorce.

1531 Church of England recognises Henry VIII as Supreme Head.

1536 Dissolution of the Monasteries and complete religious reorganisation begins.

1539 Church passes from Lincoln to Peterborough diocese - still called St Peter's.

1542 Cosgrove Manor annexed to the Honour of Grafton.

1586 The church chancel is restored after the fire.

1600 AD The Church alter rail was built around this time. The oldest Church memorials date from this time.

1605 Gunpowder Plotters escape up Watling Street heading for Ashby St Leger.

1612 Northamptonshire witch Trials.

c1640 Cosgrove Manor House (Later Cosgrove Priory) built.

1643 10,000 Cavaliers stationed at Towcester in the Civil War.

1645 Battle of Naseby, Northamptonshire.

1653-60 Puritan control of Church in England.

1665 The Great Plague overwhelms Towcester.

1675 Great Fire destroys Northampton.

1676 Great Fire destroys Towcester.

1698 Reverend John Mansel becomes Rector of the Church.

1700 AD Watling Street becomes a Turnpike road.

c1730 Church Weathercock installed. Tower doorway built. Vestry board inscription.

C1740 Cosgrove Hall built.

Church advowson passes to Mansel family.

1805 Canal opens through Cosgrove.

Admiral Moorsom captains the "Revenge" at Trafalgar.

1810 Henry Longueville Mansel (Younger), philosopher, born in Cosgrove.

1820 Restoration of the Church by E.F. Law - Priest's door. First organ installed.

1838 Wolverton railway works developed employing many Cosgrove men.

1854 Cholera epidemic in Towcester.

1864 Further Church restorations by Edward Swinfen Harris.

1868 Reverend Henry Mansel is appointed Dean of St. Paul's, London, by Disraeli.

1876 Towcester Racecourse built.

1878 McCorquodale Printers established in Wolverton employing many Cosgrove people.

1887 Church Chancel roof and part of walls rebuilt. Gallery removed from the north aisle. Present organ installed.

c1890 Weight driven clock installed in Church Tower in memory of Major Thorold's wife.

1901 Queen Victoria died.

1914 -1918 First World War - many Cosgrove men recorded on Church memorial.

1936 Treble bell made for Church to celebrate Silver Jubilee of George V.

1939-1945 Second World War.

1959 Northampton section of M1 opens using Cosgrove gravel from Cosgrove Park area.

1967 Milton Keynes New City inauguration.

2000 Church Millennium project - North door reopened. Upper room, toilet and kitchen constructed.

2010 Last leather works closes in Cosgrove.

2012 Diane Whittaker becomes first female incumbent of Cosgrove Church.