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October 4th - 8th 1688
Lost the first instant from Edward MANSELL of Cosgrove in the County of Northampton, a grey Gelding about 13 hands high, 6 years old, a sprig Tail, an E clipp'd on the near Buttock, and branded on his fore Shoulder. Whoever gives Notice of him to Edward MANSELL aforesaid or to Mr John MANSELL a Grocer at the White Lyon in Wood Street shall have 20s Reward.

January 4th 1823 p 21
No. 33 Lincoln's Inn Fields
Justice Hall in the Old Bailey, London, on Monday the 27th day of January 1823 at Nine o'Clock in the PETITIONS OF INSOLVENT DEBTORS to be heard at Forenoon.
CHERRY William, formerly of Cosgrove, Northamptonshire, Dairyman, then of Finsbury Place and late of Charles Street Road, Middlesex, Dealer in Porter and Corn Chandler.

January 14th 1862
NOTICE is hereby given that the following is a copy of an entry made in a book kept by the Chief Registrar of the Court of Bankruptcy of Trust Deeds & etc.
Number - 457
Title of Deed, whether Deed of Assignment, Composition or Inspectorship - Deed of Assignment
Date of Deed - 21st December 1861
Date of execution by Debtor - 21st December 1861
Name and description of the Debtor as in the Deed - John DAWSON of Cosgrove in the county of Northampton, Maltster and Innkeeper.
The names and descriptions of the Trustees or other parties to the Deed, not including the Creditors -John BULL of Castlethorpe in the county of Buckingham, Farmer, and Henry BUTCHER of Stony Stratford in the said county of Buckingham, Shoe Manufacturer, trustees, of the 2nd part; and the creditors of the said John DAWSON of the 3rd part.
A short statement of the nature of the Deed - An assignment unto the said trustees of all the stock in trades goods, and other personal estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever of him the said John DAWSON, upon trust, for the equal benefit of the creditors.
When left for Registration -11 January 1862 at 2 o'clock afternoon.
Wm. Hy. WHITEHEAD, Chief Registrar