Domesday Cosgrove 1086


WINEMAR holds of the king half a hide and the fifth part of 1 virgate of land in COSGROVE.

There is land for 1 ½ ploughs. In demesne is 1 [plough], with 3 bordars. There is a mill rendering 13s , and 5 acres of meadow. [There is] woodland 3 furlongs in length and 2 furlongs in breadth. It was worth 10s ; now 20s.

Healfdene held it freely.

Winemar was a landowner or an area in Normandy who was given lands by William after the Conquest.

Healfdene was a Dane who owned a freehold here prior to the Norman invasion under Danelaw.


In COSGROVE [the count] holds 4 parts of half a hide. There is land for 1 plough, which [plough] is there, with 3 villans. It was worth 5s ; now 4s.

Godwine held it freely.

The Count is the count of Mortain, who fought at Hastings in 1066 and was William’s half brother. William gave him over 700 manors like Cosgrove as his prize.

Godwine was made Earl of Wessex by King Cnut. His sons Harold and Tostig held power over most of England and Harold was Harold Godwinson who was defeated as Harold II – the last Anglo-Saxon King, at Hastings in 1066.