Eileen Prisley

Two of "The House of Eliott" coats - 1920 designs made by Eileen
Stars of The House of Eliott in September 1992

Eileen's recent work - made a green velvet coat for "Henry" in Mr. Selfridge amongst other pieces.

Eileen Prisley lived at Green Farm, Cosgrove

Qiana: For 10 years the organisation had a reputation second to none making clothes for Britain’s top stars and celebrities in TV and film. In addition to this, its founders, Wendy Peddlesden and Eileen Prisley, have worked with some of the best British couturiers, including Norman Hartnell, Lindka Ceirach, Caroline Castigliano and Lyn Ashworth.
Qiana’s knowledge of clothes from the 1st to the 21st Century places them in a unique position in terms of design, creativity and production knowhow. Its design team has chosen to echo the elegance and optimism of the post-­‐war years, with a first time new collection named after roses, so that even the titles of the dresses themselves strike a nostalgic chord.