Jack Brown's postcards views of Salonika in WWI

Golfe de Salonique - Peninsule de Karaburun
General Sarrail
decorating officers before the
carcass of a Zeppelin - WWI

Arrival of the Italian Troops - WWI
Disembarkment of Italian Troops - WWI
Indian Troops in Salonika - WWI

General Sarrail with his staff - WWI
Annamities associating with French Soldiers in Salonika during WWI
A Northern Entrenced Encampment - WWI

The Macedonian Campaign in 1917
The first day of the Martial Law
Soldiers watching the Government Seat - WWI
An entrenched encampment
of the Serbian Army in WWI

Salonika - A Sumptuous Reception - WWI

A Clearing Party
Wiring Party going to the Trenches
in Salonika