Cosgrove Newspaper Reports 1800 - 1819

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 12 July 1800

On Monday, at Cosgrove, in this county, as four girls were standing near an old building which some workmen were taking down, the whole suddenly fell, and killed three of them, (Margaret Atterbury, and Rachel and Hannah Brown) upon the spot. [Buried July 10th Cosgrove Church].

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 13 June 1801


On Thursday the 18th June instant, on the Premises, at COSGROVE, near Stony-Stratford

THE LIVE and DEAD sundry EFFECTS, the late Mr. George COLLISON, deceased Comprising Five capital Cart Horses, and one Poney; one Cow; two stout Narrow-wheel Waggons, two Carts, and one Cart and Harness; Gearing for eight Horses, three Ploughs, three Pair of Harrows, one large Corn Fan, Corn Screen, and Barn Tackle, two Ladders; six Dozen of Hurdles and Fold Stakes, four Dairy Leads ; a Ten-dozen Churn and frames, lately new; Milk Buckets; a few Lots of Building Timber; four well-timbered Hovel Frames; stout Piers and Cap ; a Cock of prime Hay and sundry other Effects ,

The Sale to begin at Eleven o’Clock in the Forenoon.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 13 June 1802



At the House of Richard Hillier, known by the Sign of the Swan, Old-Stratford, on Monday the 28th Day of June, 1802, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, in two Lots, under such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced.

TWO very desirable Old-inclosed fertile ARABLE and PASTURE LAND, Freehold and Tythe-free (Parcel of the Estates of the late Rev. John Wilmer, deceased, and Others) situate in the Parish COSGROVE, in the County of Northampton, adjoining the North-side of the Turnpike Road leading from Old - Stratford to Cosgrove, and lying very contiguous to the Grand Junction Canal.

The first and nearest Close lying towards Old- Stratford is in high Cultivation, with very promising Crops of Wheat, Barley, and Vetches, now growing thereon, and contains by Estimation 7A 2R 2P more or less. The furthermost Close, adjoining the above-mentioned (lying towards Cosgrove) is an excellent piece of Old Pasture and contains by Estimation 3A 2R 0P more or less.

The Whole in the Occupation of Mr. Wm. Rogers, Tenant at Will, at a very improvable rent.

N. B. The Hedge-Fences are excellent Condition, and a Number of thriving Elm-Trees are now growing upon the Estate.

For View of the Closes, apply to Mr. Rogers, at Cosgrove; or the Auctioneer, at Stony-Stratford and for further Particulars, to Mr. Miller Solicitor, Buckingham.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 12 March 1803

COSGROVE, Northamptonshire.

On Thursday the 17th of this instant March, 1803, exactly at Four o'Clock, at Mrs. Collison's, the Sign of the Barley-Mow, Cosgrove aforesaid, near Stony-Stratford, Bucks.

In the Following LOTS

Lot 1. THREE FREEHOLD MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, adjoining each other, with Yard, Garden, and Orchard planted with choice Fruit Trees, and several thriving Timber Trees, surrounding the same, in the several Occupations of Jos. Swannell and others, Tenants at Will.

Lot 2. TWO other TENEMENTS, with Yard and Gardens, situate on the Green, in COSGROVE aforesaid, in the Occupation of Atterbury and Coals, Tenants at Will.
For further Particulars, enquire of the Auctioneer, in Stony-Stratford aforesaid.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 08 October 1803

On the 26th of last Month, near Grafton Park,

A White and Liver-coloured POINTER, with a short Tail.—Whoever has found the same, and will bring to the Barley-Mow, Cosgrove, shall receive ONE GUINEA Reward.
Cosgrove, Oct. 7th, 1803

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 12 November 1803


The sudden death of this gentleman on Thursday morning last, has excited the lively regret of several lovers of science. Mr. Biggin was a single man, in affluent circumstances, and possessed a good estate at Cosgrove, Northamptonshire.
A considerable portion of Mr. Biggin's time was spent on the Continent, in search of scientific and useful information: before the conclusion of the last war, he commenced a tour, which enabled him to reach the capital of France, as early or more so than the many who the peace eagerly hurried to Paris, to contemplate the mental as well as the political revolution had undergone.
Mr. Biggin strenuously exerted himself to turn his scientific acquirements to account in the arts, and particularly in agriculture and tanning, which recommended him to the acquaintance of that truly noble encourager of the useful arts, the late Duke of Bedford; and a considerable part of Mr. Biggin's time was spent at Woburn Abbey, where experiments on the barks of different kinds of wood, gathered in the Spring of 1798, were made, with view determine the portions of the tanning principle they contained, and which being afterwards printed in the Philosophical Transactions, have, from novelty and utility, been copied into nearly all the chemical and philosophical works since published. Some errors in the process being afterwards detected by Mr. B. and which had caused some barks, particularly that of the poplar, to stand much higher in the tanning than they ought to do, Mr. B. commenced a new set of experiments on fresh quantities of bark, collected in the Spring of 1800, under the care of Mr. Farey, His Grace's agent, who had collected the barks for the former experiment. These latter consisted of more than one of each sort of bark collected as soon as the buds appeared, or the barks could be peeled off, and others in different periods of the foliation.
Mr. Biggin's interesting experiments at Woburn Abbey, on these latter quantities of barks, some of which extended to the natural process of tanning skins, have not been made public; but it is hoped, that among Mr. B's papers, the particulars are preserved. Several of the experiments made at his Grace's farm, were suggested by Mr. Biggin; that in particular, of having cisterns water, near the dung-tips, into which the cabbage-stalks and other of the kitchen garden were thrown, to produce a liquor, similar in some of its properties, to the water in which hemp or flax has been soaked, for watering the manure, to promote its fermentation,.

Mr. Biggin, in conjunction with men of practical experience, some years ago established a tan-yard on a large Scale at Lambeth, where by a more scientific mode of extracting the tanning principle from the bark and applying it to hides, than is generally practised, leather of as good or better quality was produced, in some months less time than usual. It was also a part of Mr. Biggin's Scherne to apply Spanish Chestnut, ash, elm, and other barks in tanning, which he did with considerable success, and enabled his Grace of Bedford and other land-owners, to vend great quantities of those articles, which had before been lost to them and the public.

Among other improvements of less note, Mr. Biggin, some years ago, invented a new sort of coffee-pot which has been ever since manufactured, and sold under the name of Coffee-Biggin

Mr B. experienced no symptoms of his approaching end, but was in perfect health and was on Monday evening, present at the performance of Edward the Black Prince, at Drury Lane Theatre.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 28 January 1804

On Thursday the 9th Day of February, 1804, removed
for Convenience of Sale to a House near the Church-Yard, in COSGROVE aforesaid,

THE following EFFECTS of the late GEORGE Biggin, Esq; deceased; comprising Four – post Bedsteads, Dimity,  Morine,  and other Furnitures; Goose and other Feather-Beds; Counterpanes, Quilts, and Blankets; Mahogany Tables, Chairs, Bureau, Writing-Cases, Knife and Spoon Cases, dumb Waiter, and two large Mahogany Corner Cupboards; fine-toned Harpsichord, by Kirkman; Time-Piece; Sofa and Easy Chairs; Pier and Swing Glasses; Turkey and Persian Carpets; Wardrobe; Model of a Man of War; sundry Volumes of Books;  Number of sweet Iron-bound Beer Pipes and other Casks; stout Kitchen Grate, and Kitchen – furniture. 
Also two Hovels of Wheat, two complete Winnowing Machines, and a new Two-drill Plough: 60 Ewe Sheep, 49 Tegs, and one capital Tup; with various other Effects.
The Sale will begin exactly at Ten o’Clock with the sheep, corn, &c. and the Furniture immediately after: the Whole to be sold in one day if possible.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 25 February 1804


To be LETT,
And entered on at Lady Day next,

FOUR CLOSES of MEADOW and ARABLE LAND, situate in the several Parishes of POTTERSPURY, YARDLEY, FORTHOE, and COSGROVE, belonging to the Poor of Bicester and now in the Occupation of Mr. Symonds, of Cosgrove.
For Particulars, enquire of Mr. J. Bicester, Oxfordshire, one of the Trustees of the Charity.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 12 January 1805

Corn, Hay, Live and Dead Farming-Stock &c.


Thursday the 24th January, 1805 on the Premises, at COSGROVE, near Stony-Stratford.

The following EFFECTS, the Property of Mr. John SIMONS; comprising one large Hovel of Wheat, and five Loads of Ditto, thrashed; one Hovel of Beans, and a Quantity of Ditto, thrashed; about 30 Tons of prime Hay, in three Stacks; 76 Acres Sweard and Clover Keeping, and 10 Acres of Stubble, to the 5th of April next; four stout Cart Horses, excellent Condition, and Harness for Ditto, and one Nag; one Cow, with a Calf, and one in-calved Cow ; Sheep; two fat Hogs; two Waggons, four Carts, Drag and small Harrows, Ploughs, Field-Roll, sixteen Sheep-Cribs, Troughs, &c.; eight Dozen of Fleak Hurdles, Hovel-Frames, and Ladders; Barn Tackle, as Wind-Fan, Sieves, Forks, Rakes, Sacks, Chaff-Box, &c.; Faggots; large Quantity old Iron, &c.; one Seven and one Three-dozen Churn, eight Milk-Leads, Kivers, Tubs, and Buckets; four new Sash Frames; several Lots of Household-Furniture; and various other Effects. The Hay to be taken off the Premises; the Straw be spent, there, for which Purpose proper Barns and Conveniences will allotted.

On Account of the Number of Articles, the Sale will begin, with the Farming Stock, exactly at Ten o'Clock, as the Whole will disposed of in the Day, if possible.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 23 March 1805

Tuesday were committed to the gaol of this county, by John Mansel, Esq. Robert Dunsby, Samuel Clarke, and Joseph King, charged on suspicion of stealing quantity coal, the property of the Valley Company Cosgrove; Robert Cockeril, for receiving the same, knowing it have been stolen.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 20 April 1805

The steam-engine employed at Cosgrove, near Stony - on the works the Grand Junction Canal, took fire last week, owing, it said, some hot ashes cinders being carelessly thrown out near to the wood-work of the building in which was contained, and was totally consumed.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 04 May 1805

Cosgrove, 4th May, 1805.

NOTICE is hereby given, that a STRAYED HORSE, Black, with a cut Tail, aged, and very lean, has been impounded in the Parish of Cosgrove; and that the same will be sold, to defray Damages and Expences, unless claimed by the Owner within three Days from the Date hereof.

Morning Chronicle - Friday 30 August 1805

GRAND JUNCTION CANAL. We are happy to announce the completion of nearly all the great works which were going on upon the important and extensive line of navigation. On Monday morning last, the stupendous embankment between Wolverton and Cosgrove, near Stony Stratford. was open for the use of trade. By this great work nine locks by its side, four down and five up, are avoided, and one level sheet of water is now formed, from Stoke Bruerne to some miles south of Fenny Stratford, as well as on the Buckingham Branch, extending to within a mile of that town. The embankment seems to possess great stability.
The branch and iron railway, that is to connect the Grand Junction Canal with the New River at the town of Northampton, as also Leicestershire and Northamptonshire Union Canal, are proceeding rapidly, and their completion may be expected about the end of next month. A meeting of the commissioners who are named in the act, for deciding all differences or disputes between the Company and individuals or bodies of men, began on Monday morning last, and continued its sitting until Wednesday, at Aylesbury; when the long existing disputes between the Company and the Millers on the Thames River were fully gone into. We are happy to hear, that the Millers at the conclusion, unanimously agreed to withdraw all claims for satisfaction, for the water of which they have been hitherto deprived; so satisfied were they, that the measures adopted within this two or three years past, on the Tring and Wendover summit level of the Canal, will amply supply it in future, without sensible injury to the mill-stream.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 18 January 1806

COSGROVE Northamptonshire.



On Tuesday the 28th January, 1806, between the Hours of Two and Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Sign of the Barley-Mow, in COSGROVE aforesaid,

A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, in good Repair, with Yard and Orchard, planted with Fruit and other Trees, situate near the said Barley Mow, adjoining the Grand Junction Canal, in the Occupation of Robert Dunsby.
Immediate Possession will be given, if required.
For Particulars, apply AUCTIONEER, in Stony Stratford, Bucks

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 19 September 1807



At the Cock Inn, Stony-Stratford, on Friday the 25th Day of September inst. between the Hours of Eleven and Three o'Clock, A Freehold CLOSE, in the Parish of Cosgrove, in the County of Northampton, situated near the Turnpike leading from Old-Stratford, containing five Acres and one Rood (more or less], in the Occupation of Mr. William Oliver, Tenant at Will.
For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. Ewesdin of Cosgrove.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 14 May 1808

To the CREDITORS GEORGE HAWLEY, of Old Stratford, in the Parish of Cosgrove, and County Northampton, Baker.
WHEREAS he hath, by Indenture bearing Date the 2nd Day of this instant May, assigned all his personal Estate and Effects to Messrs. Thomas Perkins, Towcester, the said County Northampton, and William Plowman, of the Parish of Laundon, the County of Buckingham, Mealmen in Trust for themselves and such other of the Creditors the said George who may willing to partake the Benefit of the said Assignment, and shall prove their Debts the Satisfaction of the said Trustees, on or before Day of July next, after which Time Claim will be allowed:

Notice is given,

That the said Trust Deed lodged in the Hands Mr. John Day, of Stony-Stratford, in the County of Buckingham, Auctioneer, for the Inspection of all Parties concerned therewith; to whom, or Mr. John Lovell, of Towcester aforesaid, Solicitor, the Creditors of the said George Hawley are requested to send Particulars of their respective Demands.
All Persons indebted to the said George Hawley, are desired to pay their respective Debts to the said John Day or John Lovell forthwith, and in Default of so doing, they will be sued for the same without further Notice.
Towcester, May 6th, 1808

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 28 January 1809

To be SOLD,

A Quantity of ELM, and some ASH TIMBER, - cut down, and now lying near the Grand Canal, in the Parish of COSGROVE.
For Particulars, and to view the Timber, apply to EDWARD JONES, of Cosgrove aforesaid.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 04 February 1809

Yesterday se’nnight an inquisition was taken at Old-Stratford, in the parish of Cosgrove, in this county, before John Lovell, Gent, one of his Majesty's coroners, on the body of William Mails, the waggoner of Messrs. Pickford, who lost his life attempting to cross the water at Quarry-Bridge, as mentioned in our last. Verdict.— Accidental Death.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 08 April 1809

Household Furniture and Effects,



On Tuesday the 11th of April, 1809 on the Premises, at Cosgrove, near Stony-Stratford, Bucks, the Property of Mr. JELLY, who is leaving Cosgrove;

COMPRISING Bedsteads, with Furnitures, Feather and Flock-Beds, Quilts, and Blankets; Drawers, Tables, Chairs, &c. one Month and one Thirty-hour Clocks, with Cases; Kitchen-Grate, and Kitchen-Furniture general; one tilted Cart, and Harness; Sow with Pigs, two In-pig Yelts, and two small Pigs; old Iron, Boards, Fire Wood: and other Articles. The Sale to begin at One o'clock the Afternoon precisely.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 07 October 1809

On Wednesday last an inquisition was taken at Old-Stratford, in the parish of Cosgrove, in this county, before John Lovell, Gent, one of his Majesty's coroners, the body Mary Bosworth, a very aged and infirm woman, who having been left alone in her apartment, sitting by the fireside, her clothes took fire, whereby she was so dreadfully burnt that she died soon afterwards. Jurors' verdict— Accidental death.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 07 October 1809

Neat Household Furniture and Effects



On the Premises, at the Rectory-House, in COSGROVE, near Stony-Stratford, Bucks, on Wednesday the 11th of October next, and following-Day, the Property the Rev. CHARLES WALKER, is who leaving the Country ;

COMPRISING Four-post, Tent, and other Bedsteads with various Furnitures; a fine Goose-coat and other Feather-Beds; Mattresses, Cotton Counterpanes, Quilts, and Blankets; Chests of Drawers; Night- tables and Bason-Stands; Wilton, Scotch, and other Carpets; Mahogany Dining, Card and Pembroke Tables; Parlour, Drawing room and other Chairs; Sofa and Cover; Mahogany Sideboard, with Cellarets, &c.; Patent Piano-Forte by Longman & Brodrip in Complete Repair; Mahogany Bureau and ditto Linen Press; Eight day Clock and Case; Wainscot Linen-Mangle; stout Kitchen-Grate, capital Wind-up Jack and Kitchen- Furniture In general ; 100 gallon Brewing Copper; Washing Furnace, Mash-Vat and Coolers; Brewing and Washing-Tubs, Patent Washing-machine (lately new) and two Hogshead and other Beer Casks; two Garden-Rolls and Garden-Tools &c; three Hives with Bees, stout Water-Cart; Horses’ Gears; Chaise Wheels; the Materials of two Single-Horse Chaises, Saddles, &c.; Ash and Elm Trees; a number of new Boards, Faggots and other Fire-Wood, with numerous other Articles, which will be expressed in the Catalogues, to be had five Days before the Sale at the Swan Inn Newport Pagnell; Angel, Northampton; White Horse Towcester; the Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneer in Stony Stratford,  Bucks.

Northampton Mercury 9 December 1809

DIED Lately, at Bath, to which place he had removed for the benefit of his health, the Rev. Charles Walker, many years rector of Cosgrove, in this county.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 10 February 1810

The Rev. H L Mansel has been instituted to the rectory of Cosgrove, in this county, vacant death of the Rev. Charles Walker.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 21 April 1810

Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry

THE Gentlemen of the Towcester Troop are requested to meet on Heathencote Green on Saturday the 28th instant, and Friday and Saturday the 4th and 5th of May, in Field-Day Order.

J C Mansel Captain, Cosgrove, April 13th 1810

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 08 September 1810

To the Noblemen, Gentlemen, Clergy, and other Freeholders the COUNTY of NORTHAMPTON.

One of the VERDURERSHIPS of WHITTLEBURY FOREST being vacant by the Death of the Hon. Edward Bouverie, I take the Liberty to solicit the Favour of your Votes and Interest to succeed him. Should I be so fortunate, as to meet your Approbation, I shall consider myself highly honoured by your Choice.

I have, the Honour to be

Your most obedient, humble Servant, J. C. MANSEL. Cosgrove,

September 4th, 1810.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 17 November 1810

To the Noblemen, Gentlemen, Clergy, and other Freeholders the COUNTY of NORTHAMPTON. I Beg Leave return you Thanks, for the Honour which you have conferred upon me, in electing me a Verdurer of the Forest of Whittlebury and assure you that I shall ever retain a grateful Sense of this distinguished Mark of your Approbation.

I have the Honour to be,

Your most obedient, and faithful humble Servant,

Cosgrove, November 17th, 1810. J C. MANSEL

Northampton Mercury -  Saturday 01 December
DIED. On Saturday last, aged 34, Mr. Joseph Foster, horsedealer, of Cosgrove, in this county.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 01 December 1810

Nag and Cart Horses, Farming-Stock, and other Effects.



On the Premises of the late Mr. JOSEPH FOSTER, Horse- Dealer, at COSGROVE, near Stony-Stratford, Bucks, on Wednesday the 12th of December, 1810,

 ALL the STOCK in TRADE; comprising 17 Hackneys, Coach and Cart Horses, Ponies, &c. of various Ages and Descriptions; one Donkey, two fat Oxen, three fat Cows, and one In-calf Heifer; 53 Shearhog Sheep, one large Bacon-Hog, and six Store-Pigs; one Waggon, Gears for five Cart-Horses, Hurdles and Fleaks, and a capital new Leaping-Bar, very complete; also, all the Saddles, Bridles, Rugs, Girths, Stable-Lanterns, and various other Effects.

The Sale to begin at Eleven o'Clock precisely.
Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneer.

Northampton Mercury 6 February 1813

The following inquisitions have been taken by John Lovell, Gent. One of his Majesty’s coroners for this county.

And yesterday night, at Cosgrove, on view of the body of William Clarke, who was accidently killed in a stone pit, by a quantity of stones and earth falling in upon him, whilst undermining, the quarry on the Wednesday preceding. Juror’s Verdicts accordingly.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 05 June 1813


On Tuesday Night the 18th Instant, or early Wednesday Morning the 19th out of a Field in the Occupation of Mr. John Horn, in the Parish of Cosgrove, A BLACK GELDING, of the Nag Kind, with a Star in the Forehead, and Swish Tail, about 14 Hands 2 Inches high, and small Saddle-Mark the off Side.

Any Person giving Information of the said Horse shall, if stolen, receive TWO GUINEAS Reward, on Conviction of the Offender or Offenders and have all reasonable Expenses, by applying to JOHN HIGGINS, Cosgrove.

Cosgrove 24th May, I8I3.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 11 September 1813

Freehold House and premises in Cosgrove Northamptonshire, near Stony-Stratford Bucks



Saturday the 25th September, I8I3, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Sign of the Barley Mow, Cosgrove aforesaid, in one Lot.

A Newly erected substantial Stone and Slate built DWELLING-HOUSE, now occupied in two Tenements ; comprising three Rooms on the first Floor, four Bed Chambers, excellent Cellar, Wood Barn and Out-offices; a Well of good Water, with a Garden and Orchard adjoining, well planted with choice Fruit Trees, and several thriving Elm Timber Trees growing thereon.—The Orchard contains 2R. 23P. ; the Grand Junction Canal adjoins the Orchard, which makes the Situation desirable for any Person in Trade that requires Water Communication.—The above is situate near the Centre of the pleasant Village of COSGROVE, in the Occupation of Mrs. Jane Stevens and Wm. Law. —Possession of one of the Tenements with the Orchard, &c. may had at Michaelmas next.

For a View of the same, apply to Mr. Stevens ; and for further Particulars, to Mr. Kirby, Solicitor, Towcester or to the Auctioneers in Stony- Stratford.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 24 September 1814

The Towcester Troop of the Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry on Wednesday last assembled at Cosgrove for exercise, and after going through their various evolutions, were formed in a ring on the lawn, in front of the noble domain of their worthy Captain, John Christopher Mansel, Esq. who, in the presence of a numerous assemblage of Ladies and Gentlemen of the first distinction, was there presented with a cup, value one hundred pounds, by Mr. Lovell, in a neat and appropriate speech, in the names of the non-commissioned Officers and privates of the troop, as a public testimony of their gratitude and respect for uniformly handsome and judicious exercise of his command ; and who returned thanks in a speech of considerable length, replete with good sense and feeling. Members the troop were afterwards regaled with good old English fare, in the most sumptuous manner possible, by their Worthy Lieutenant, under a marquee erected for the purpose and conviviality was the order the day.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 21 January 1815

Capital Oak, Ash, and Elm Timber

To be SOLD by Auction


Wednesday the 8th Day of February, 1815, on the Premises, in the Parish of FURTHOE near to Old Stratford in the County of Northamptonshire

FIFTY fine large OAK TIMBER TREES, with Lop, Top, and Bark,




68 ELMS.

This Timber is well worth the Notice of Merchants, Builders, Carpenters, Wheelwrights, &c. a great Part is of large Dimensions and very fine, now Growing in the Parish of FURTHOE aforesaid, within less than one Mile of the Grand Junction Canal, the Turnpike Road to Towcester adjoins the Parish on one Side, and the same to Northampton the other, which renders the moving of the Timber extremely convenient as to Carriage. The Timber will be lotted and marked in a short Time, and may be viewed till the Sale.
Catalogues will ready for delivery due Time, and may be had of Mr. Pittam, at Furthoe; the Rein Deer, Potterspury ; Barley Mow, Cosgrove ; Pack Horse, Yardley ; and the Auctioneers in Stony- Stratford.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 08 April 1815

Neat Household- Furniture, valuable Library of
Books, and other Effects.




On Wednesday the 19th Day April, on the Premises, at COSGROVE, near Stony Stratford, the Property of Mr. THOMAS EWESDEN, Solicitor, who has left the Country;

The Furniture comprises Bedsteads with Mahogany Feet Pillars, Chintz, Morine, and other Furnitures, Hair and Cranky Mattress, fine Goose Coat, and other Feather-Beds, Cotton Counterpanes, Quilts and Blankets, Mahogany double and single Chests of Drawers, Dressing Tables. Basin Stands, Pier and Swing-Glasses, Floor and Bedside Carpets, Secretary and Bookcase. Writing Desk and Tables, Bureau, an Eight-day Clock in Mahogany Case, Mahogany Dining, Tea, Card, and other Tables, Dumb Waiter, Mahogany Chamber and Windsor Chairs, Tea and Coffee Urn, fine old China Glass, and Earthenware; Plate, as two Pint Pots Salts, Castors, Spoons, &c. Kitchen Range, Smoke Jack, and Kitchen-Furniture in general; Hogshead Brewing-Copper, Mash-Vat, and numerous other Articles.

The BOOKS comprise Encyclopaedia Britannica; complete in 18 Volumes, Thompson's Josephus Statutes at Large; Coke on Littleton; Blackstone's Commentaries, Burn's Justice, Crutwell's Universal Gazetteer, Camden's Britannica. Stackhouse's History the Bible, Wood's Conveyancer Coetlocon's History of Arts and Sciences, Robertson's History of America, Goldsmith' and Stern's Works, and various other.

Catalogues may be had Gratis, four Days before Sale, applying to the Auctioneers in Stony Stratford.—The Sale will commence with the Furniture at Ten o'Clock and continue till Two, at which Time the Sale of the Books will commence, and after those are sold, the remaining Part of the Furniture. The Whole is intended to be sold in one Day

Hampshire Chronicle - Monday 14 August 1815

MARRIAGES —At Chelsea, the Rev H Longueville Mansel. Rector of Cosgrove, Northamptonshire, son of the late Lieut -Gen. Mansel, to Maria Margaret, daughter of Vice-Admiral Sir Robert Moorsom, K.C.B.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 17 February 1816

To be LETT,

A Desirable COUNTRY RESIDENCE for a small Family ; consisting of entrance Hall, back Kitchen, Kitchen, Dairy, Larder, beer and wine Cellar, dining Room, drawing Room, three best bed Rooms, and four Servants' Rooms Garden, Orchard, Stabling for four Horses, and coach House, situate at COSGROVE, in the County of Northampton.
Apply, for further Particulars, to Mr. ABEL, Northampton.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 06 July 1816

Growing Crop of Grass


By John Day & SON,

On Wednesday the 10th of July, inst, at Three o'Clock the Afternoon precisely, one Lot,

A MEADOW of GRASS, called ISWORTH Meadow, containing 21A. IR. 30P. situate in the Parish of COSGROVE, near Stony Stratford, in Occupation of Mr. Horn. —The Hay to taken off the Premises, and the Keep to be included in the Purchase to the 10th Day October next.

The Company is requested to meet the Auctioneers in the Meadow at Three o'Clock.

Northampton Mercury March 1st 1817

Died:  on Saturday sen’night, aged 81,
Mrs Anne Lowndes of Cosgrove Priory, in this County

Northampton Mercury March 8th 1817


Household Furniture, Library of Books, Linen, Chariot, Dairy Effects &c, &c.



On Wednesday the 19th of March 1817, and two following Days, on the Premises of the late Mrs ANN LOWNDES at COSGROVE PRIORY aforesaid:

The Furniture comprises full-size four post Bedsteads, with mahogany feet Pillars and dimity, cotton and other Furnitures; fine large goose down and other feather Beds, Mattresses and cotton Counterpanes, Quilts and Blankets, mahogany, oak and other dressing Drawers, night Tables, basin Stands, floor and bedside Carpets, large pier, chimney and swing Glasses, two capital mahogany Wardrobes, with Furniture, Bedding &c. complete; several valuable India and other Cabinets; capital India six-leaf folding Screen, excellent month Clock in inlaid case, and two valuable eight day repeating table Clocks, Set of mahogany dining Tables, with circular Ends; Pembroke, card and other Tables; parlour and chamber Chairs, three Sofas, with Covers; a capital chamber Horse, for Invalids, in mahogany Frame, in complete Repair; medicine Chest, liquor Ditto, Harpsichord, dumb Waiter, large Quantity of Glass and Earthenware, upwards of 10 Pair of Sheets, pillow Cases, table Cloths, Napkins &c.; Sharp’s patent stove Grate, with other Grates, Fenders and fire Irons; kitchen Furniture, as Grate, with Boiler, smoke Jack, patent Oven, and kitchen Furniture in general; 100 gallon brewing Copper, washing Ditto, double Cooler, mash Vat and Tubs, beer Pipes, hogshead and half hogshead beer Casks &c, &c.

Also a LIBRARY, consisting of upwards of 600 Volumes of Books, the greatest Part in excellent Preservation, amongst which are Chaucer’s Works, with the Siege of Thebes, Life of Chaucer, and Table explaining old and obscure Words, Folio 1617; Brown Willis’s Antiquities of Buckingham, Hundred and Deanry; Banks’s Geography, Pope’s Odyssey and Iliad, Dryden’s Virgil, Life and Reign of Henry the Eighth by Lord Herbert; Travels into Divers Parts of Africa and Asia; Chamber’s Cyclopaedia, Life of Prince James, Dodderidge’s Family Expositor, Baskett’s Bible; History of Russia, to the Death of the Empress Catherine, with a Number of other scarce and valuable Books, Paintings, Prints &c, &c.

Likewise a neat Chariot with Harness, one coach Horse, five useful dairy Cows, Part of a Rick of Hay, stout six-inch Cart, horse Harness, Quantity of Manure, cucumber Frames and Lights, iron garden Roll, stone Ditto, temporary summer House, a very great Number of garden Pots and Evergreens, garden Tools in general, upwards of 20 Dozen of Glass Bottles, and numerous other Articles, which will be expressed in Catalogues, to be had five Days before Sale, at the Inns in the Neighbourhood, and of the Auctioneers, in Stony Stratford.

N.B.: The Chariot, Cows, Hay, garden Articles, dairy and brewing Vessels, Casks &c. will be sold the first Day; the Books, Linen, Glass and part of the Furniture on the second Day; and the remainder of the Furniture on the Friday.

Catalogues of the Books to be had separately from those of the Furniture &c.

Morning Chronicle - Saturday 10 January 1818

Lord Lynedoch arrived on Thursday at his seat Cosgrove Priory, Stoney Stratford, from a visit to Mr. Coke, at his seat in Norfolk.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 13 June 1818


BEGS to return his grateful Acknowledgements to his Friends at COSGROVE and its Vicinity, for the very kind and liberal Support he has experienced, and respectfully acquaints his Friends and the Public, that it is his Intention after the Midsummer Recess, of OPENING A SCHOOL for the Reception of Youth, at HANSLOPE, where young Gentlemen will be taught the English Language grammatically, together with the first Rudiments of the Latin Grammar, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, History, Navigation, and Merchants' Accounts.
As the Number of Boarders will be limited to Six only, the earliest Applications will respectfully attended to.
Terms —18 Guineas per Annum. —Entrance one Guinea.—Every Attention will paid to the Improvement, Health, Morals, and Deportment of the Pupils.

The SCHOOL will OPEN the 5th of JULY. Cosgrove, June 12th 1818.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 28 November 1818

STRAYED, into the Parish of COSGROVE, Northamptonshire, A BLACK CART HORSE, aged, with a Blaze of grey down the Forehead, two white Legs, and the near fore Leg white.
If the Horse is not owned within fourteen Days from the Date hereof, will be sold to defray Expenses.

November 27th 1818

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 18 December 1819

Neat and Modern Household Furniture and valuable Effects.


By John DAY & Son

On Wednesday the 29th December, 1819, on the Premises of Mr. JONES, Lace Merchant, COSGROVE, near Stony Stratford, who is leaving that Place.

THE FURNITURE comprises neat tent and other Bedsteads, with mahogany feet Posts, and cotton Furnitures, fine goose-coat and other Beds, Mattresses, cotton Counterpanes, Witney Blankets, &c.; two Pair of mahogany Drawers, and one Pair Oak ditto, Mahogany night Tables, basin Stands, pier and swing Glasses, mahogany dining, tea, and card tables; capital Set of mahogany Trafalgar Chairs, a capital Secretary and Bookcase, with folding glazed Doors; handsome modern mahogany Sideboard, with Drugget for covering Floor, oil floor Cloth; kitchen Furniture in general; Clock and Case, beer Casks, and Other Articles.
Catalogues may be had in due Time, at the Inns in the Neighbourhood, and the Auctioneers at Stony Stratford.