Newspaper Reports 1780 - 1799

Northampton Mercury - Monday 23 September 1776

Horses, &c. Entered to Run on the New Course in Northampton Field:

Thursday 26th The Free Cup, for any Horse, &c. carrying 9st. Bridle and Saddle included:

Sir Thomas Samwell's ch. Mare, Sister Ruth

Robt. Biggin, Efqr's. gr. Mare, Maid of Orleans.

Northampton Mercury - Monday 30 September 1776

Thursday 26, The Free Cup, for any Horse, &c. carrying 9st.

one 4-Mile Heat:
Robt. Biggin, Esqr’s gr. M. Maid-of-Orleans, 1
Sir Thomas Samwell's ch. Mare, Sister Ruth, 2

Northampton Mercury - Monday 11 August 1777

Northampton RACES, 1777.

ON Wednesday day 24th of September next, will Run for, on the New Course in Northampton Field, the Gentlemen's Subscription-Purse of 50l [£50] any Horse Mare, or Gelding, that never won the Value of 50l [£50] at one Time, Matches excepted; the Four-years-old to curry 8st. 4lb. Five-years-o!d, 8st. 12lb. Six-years-old, 9st. 6lb. and Aged Horses, &c. 10st. Bridle and Saddle included. To enter the Goat Inn, on Friday the 19th of September, betwixt the Hours of Four and Eight in the Afternoon. The Stakes to the second-best Horse, that wins a clear Heat either before or after the Plate is determined.
On-Thursday the 25th will be Run for, the Free Cup, for any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, carrying 9st. Bridle and Saddle  included, not having been in Sweats between the 1st May last and the 10th August: To be the Property of a Freeholder in the County of Northampton, or a Horse-keeper in the County or Town of Northampton from the 10th August, 1777: and, to the best of his Knowledge, never to have won the Value of 50l [£50]. To Run one Four-mile Heat. To enter for the Cup on Friday the 19th of September, at the Goat Inn, Northampton, between the Hours Four and Eight in the Afternoon. less than three Horses to start. No entrance-Money to be paid.
And on Friday the 26th, will be Run for, the Town- Purse of 50l [£50] free for any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, the Four-years-old to carry 7st. 8lb. Five-years-old 8st. 2lb. Six-years-old, 8st. 10lb.. Aged Horses, &c. 9st. 4lb. Bridle and Saddle included. Winners one Purse this Year to carry 3lb. extra, of two Purses, 5lb extra. To enter at the Angel inn, on Saturday the 20th of September, between the Hours of Four and Eight in the Afternoon.
The Winning Horse each Day to pay to the Clerk of the Course, Two Guineas for Flags, &c. and to run for each Purse according to such Articles as shall be produced.
ORDINARIES   as usual. The BALLS and CONCERT will be the George.
For all other Particulars fee the Sporting - Calender,
No, XI, and Northampton Mercury the 21st July.


ROBERT BIGGIN Esq                     

Northampton Mercury - Monday 28 September 1778

Northampton Races

Friday 25 The Town 50l [£50]

Mr Biggin’s grey Horse Dunvis, aged 4  [came 7th]

Northampton Mercury - Monday 12 October 1778

Northampton Mercury - Monday 14 December 1778

Robert Biggin listed as a Steward of Northampton Races

Northampton Mercury - Monday 16 August 1779

Northampton Races, 1779

On Thursday the 23d, a Sweepstakes of Five Guineas each, 20 Subscribers.; Five-year-olds 11st. Six-year-olds 11st. 7lb. and Aged 12st. four Miles; for which the following Horses are named :

Lord Spencer's bay Horse, Nihil, 6 Yrs.

Lord Sondes's bl Horse, by Goldfinder, 5. Yrs.

Hon. E. Bouverie's Horse, Blunderbuss, 5 Yrs.

Mr. Hungerford's br. Horse, late War-Hawk, Aged.

Mr. Biggin's br. Horse, by Bolpborus, 6 Yrs.

Mr. Bayley's bay Gelding, by King Herod, Aged.

J. Moore's bay Gelding, Hazard, Aged.

Northampton Mercury - Monday 03 January 1780

TO be SOLD to the BEST BIDDER on Thursday the 6th Day of January next, at the Cock Inn, in Stony-Stratford, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon,
A CLOSE of rich PASTURE-LAND, in the Parishes of POTTERSPURY and COSGRAVE, in the County of Northampton, adjoining to Old-Stratford; containing about seven Acres, at the yearly Rent of 14l [£14] now in the Occupation of Mr Green.
For Particulars, apply to Mr. Grant, of Stony-Stratford.

Northampton Mercury - Monday 08 May 1780

TO be LET, and Entered on immediately, A FARM-HOUSE, and about 170 Acres of ARABLE, MEADOW, and PASTURE LAND, inclosed, situate at COSGRAVE, in the County of Northampton.
N.B. A considerable Allowance, by Abatement of Rent, will be made to a good Tenant; and for Particulars, apply to Mr. Grant, Stony-Stratford.

Northampton Mercury - Monday 28 March 1785

A Capital Live Stock Sale, &c.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. Day & Son, on Wednesday next the 30th of this inst. March, on the premises at COSGROVE, near Stony-Stratford, Bucks.

The Valuable LIVE STOCK, and sundry EFFECTS, belonging to Mr. JOHN WODHAM, he quitting the Bargain: Comprizing 25 fine milking and fresh barren Beast, 1 Bull, 2 exceeding good Mares, 6 Score Western Couples in perfect Health, dry Sheep, 2 Rams, &c. in proper Lots, 12 Bacon Hogs in Lots, about 30 Quarters of Oats cleaned up, about 10 Quarters of early-ripe Marlborough Peas, a Quantity of dressed Wheat, Part of a Cock and a Stump of fine new Meadow Hay, about 30 Doz. of stout Hurdles in Lots, a valuable double Plough, Sheep and Cow Cribs, and a Number of sundry Farming-Lots in the Course of the Sale.

The Sale must begin at Ten o'clock.

Northampton Mercury
 - Monday 04 July 1785

Yesterday, about a Quarter past One o'Clock, Mr. Lunardi's Balloon was launched from Mr. Arnold's Rotunda in St. George's Fields. The Balloon not being able to carry up three Persons, as intended, and Mr. Biggin having been twice disappointed before, Mr. Lunardi gave the Preference to Mr. Biggin, who was accompanied by Mrs. Sage; it took its Course to the Westward, and made a very beautiful Appearance over Westminster Bridge and after it had been launched about Quarter of an Hour, it altered its Course, and was seen very plain in Fleet- Street, Newgate-Street, Holborn, &c. and almost all over London; the Direction then was North-West. The aerial Travellers alighted in perfect Safety a few Minutes after Three o'Clock, in Harrow Field, alter a very agreeable Journey; they were received by the young Gentlemen and Neighbours with the utmost Politeness and friendly Attention. It was the Intention of Mr. Biggin to have proceeded farther, after having parted with his Companion, but he was prevented by the People about him.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 30 June 1787

The First Week in August will be SOLD BY AUCTION, unless disposed of by Private Contract, (of which timely Notice will given)
A complete, small, Old-inclosed FARM in the Parish of COSGROVE, in the County Northampton, known by the Name of Hill-House-Manor-Farm, being a Manor of itself: The House is delightfully situated, and capable being made, at a small Expence, fit for the Reception of a genteel Family; there being a good Quarry of Stone upon the Estate, and Plenty of thriving Timber. The Land well watered.

Cosgrove is about two Miles from Stony-Stratford, and near Wakefield, the Seat of the Duke of Grafton. The Convenience and Situation of the Farm, render it a most eligible Purchase.

For further Particulars, apply Mr. Ward, Great-Linford, near Newport-Pagnell, Bucks.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 25 October 1788


On Thursday the 30th of October instant, at the House of Edw. Jones (being the Public-House) at Cosgrave, in the County of Northampton, between the Hours of Two and Four in the Afternoon, ALL those two MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, with their Appurtenances, situate and being in COSGRAVE aforesaid; and now the several Occupations of John Horton and Thomas Groome.
For Further Particulars, apply to Mr. Willson Moores, or Mr. Richard Buswell, Northampton.

Northampton Mercury Monday 02 November 1778

TO be SOLD AUCTION, John Day, on the Premises, on Monday the 16th November, 1778, and the following Day, the Parsonage - Cosgrove, near Stony-Stratford, Bucks,
A great Variety of Genteel, Useful HOUSEHOLD-FURNITURE, and sundry EFFECTS, lately belonging the Rev. Dr. Forester, deceased.
Catalogues of which will be ready to be delivered on the Tuesday before Sale, at the Inns, Stony-Stratford and Newport-Pagnell: the White- Horse, in Towcester the Peacock, Northampton ; and at the Place of Sale, and the Auctioneer's, in Fenny-Stratford.
N. B. The Days of viewing the Goods are Friday and Saturday before the Sale, on the Mornings of Sale until Ten o'Clock, at which Time the Sale will begin, and finish early in the Afternoon each Day.

Northampton Mercury Saturday 07 February 1789

During the late severe Weather, the distressed Poor at Cosgrove, in this County, have been seasonably relieved by the very charitable Donations of Mrs. Mansell, George Biggin, Esq; the Rev. Mr. Walker, Miss Lowndes, Mr. Franklin, &c. —May Charity, that great Characteristic of our Nation, ever flow spontaneously from the Hands of the Affluent!

Northampton Mercury 02 May 1789

ALL Persons who have any Claims on the Effects of Mrs. ELIZABETH WATTS, and Mr. JOHN GLEED WATTS, late of COSGROVE, in the County of Northampton, are requested to send an Account thereof to Mr. John Pittam, of Furtho; or to Mr. Ewesdin, Attorney, at Stony-Stratford, on or before the 4th Day of May next, in Order that a Composition may be made to the several Creditors so far as the Effects will extend. And all Persons who stand indebted to Mrs. or Mr. Watts, are desired forthwith to pay their respective Debts to Mr. Pittam, or Mr. Ewesdin. Stony-Stratford, April 18th,

Northampton Mercury Saturday 22 September 1792  

John Mansel the Younger appointed Gamekeeper of the Manor of Cosgrove by George Biggin Esq.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 27 July 1793


On the Premises at COSGROVE, near Stony-Stratford, on Wednesday the 31st Day July, 1793

SUNDRY EFFECTS belonging to Mr. JOHN FRANKLYN, leaving off Business -Consisting of one useful stout Cart Mare, one Nag Mare, one Waggon, two Carts, Gears for five Horses, Ploughs, Harrows, Ladders, Sieves, Bushel Measure, and sundry other Effects.

The Sale to begin exactly at Eleven o'Clock.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 15 March 1794

Farming Stock &c


On Thursday the 27th of this instant March, on the Premises at COSGROVE, near Stony-Stratford.

THE LIVE and DEAD STOCK, with sundry other EFFECTS belonging to Mrs. BATTAMS, who is leaving the Bargain: Consisting of five Draught-Horses, one Pony, four Cows, 30 Ewes and Lambs, and one in-pig Sow; two Waggons, one of which is equal to new, three Carts, Field-Roll, four Ploughs, Harrows, &c. Harness for ten Horses, in exceeding good Condition; Sieves and Barn-Tackle, Cribs, Ladders, &c. Part of two Cocks of Hay, containing about 18 Tons; two Churns, six Milk-Leads, Buckets and Kivers, Half Hogshead Copper and Grate, Brewing Tubs, Beer-Casks, some Household-Furniture, and Sundry other Effects.

The Sale to begin exactly at Ten o'Clock.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 19 March 1796

On Tuesday next the 22d of March instant, on the
Premises at COSGROVE-MILL, near Stony Stratford, Bucks,
TWO COCKS of exceeding fine MEADOW HAY, of last year’s growth.
The Sale to begin at Eleven o'Clock

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 09 June 1798



On Wednesday the 13th of this instant June, on the Premises, COSGROVE, near Stony-Stratford, Bucks,

PART the LIVE STOCK, CROPS of GRASS, &c. the Property of Mr. GEORGE COLLISON who is quitting his Farm: Comprizing 20 very useful New-milched and In-calved Cows, and one fine young well-bred Bull; five young black Draught and Mares, in excellent Condition; capital Bright-bay Road Mare, a fast Trotter, very temperate, and runs well in Harness; a handsome yearling Colt, out of the said Mare, by the celebrated Horse, Atlas ; likewise the Grass of 215 Acres of Land, till the 5th of April next, all of which, (except 43 Acres, now in Grazing,] were laid early for Mowing; is good dry Layer, well watered and fenced, and will be divided into convenient Lots; also two Stumps of well-got Hay. The Hay, &c. to be spent on the Premises. The Grass to be either mowed or grazed, at the Option of the Purchaser. Credit for which will be given, on approved Security, till the 15th Day of October next.

The Sale to begin with the Cows exactly at Ten o'Clock, and the other Lots immediately after.

N. B. Previous to Harvest, will be sold by Auction on the said Farm, the Growing Crops of Corn, &c. with the Use of a convenient Yard, Barns, &c. &c. Notice of which will be given in this Paper in due Time.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 29 September 1798

To the Worthy and Independent Freeholders of England, and particularly the County of Northampton.

IN Obedience to the Directions of several respectable Neighbours, meritoriously anxious to serve our dear King and Country at this perilous Crisis, by establishing MILITARY ASSOCIATION OF VILLAGERS within the Vicinity of COSGROVE, the Distance to be measured by each Gentleman's Convenience, I requested the Favour of our highly-respected associated Friend, Captain Mansel, to communicate our patriotic Wishes to the Earl of Northampton, our excellent Lord- Lieutenant, and I have the high Honour of assuring you that our Proposal has met with his Lordship’s Approbation. I will not presume, Gentlemen, to affront your generous Spirits by inviting you join us, Duty and Inclination point the Road; and the Blessings of your Neighbours are the best Reward of your honourable Toils. I have only to say, that a Meeting of Villagers will be held in Cosgrove Church, on Monday Morning next, at Ten o'Clock, and that the Favour of your Company will greatly contribute to our Satisfaction. We live, Gentlemen, in Times big with extraordinary Events look at St. Vincent, Lake, Dixon, and the whole Host of illustrious Heroes, whose very Names are to be spoken with Reverence, and whose deeds are as much above all Praise as their vast Talents exceed Comprehension! Look our associated Brothers, the Yeomanry, mighty in Arms! Look at Horne! See your Northampton Association, like an Infant Hercules, terrible in Swaddling-Cloaths ! Look Gentlemen, at your Dukes, Marquisses and Earls, the Flowers of England, scorning inglorious Ease, some at Home busily employed in toiling for the State, in fostering and cultivating the Arts of Peace; whilst others sit, Eagle-like, perched upon the Whirlwind, and direct the Storm! Think Gentlemen but for Moment upon the British Lion whose Eye-Balls flash the living Fire, whose Roar is Thunder!—lf ever the generous Impulse of Admiration for an Enemy swelled your Heart! If you secretly respect the brave Buonaparte, remember every true-hearted Englishman is a Buonaparte too! If we are but Good, take my Word for Gentlemen, that we are Invincible.—l have the Honour to subscribe myself, with the highest Respect, and with Truth and Regard,


Your obliged, And faithful humble Servant,


A Northamptonshire Villager.

Cosgrove, Friday, 28th September 1798

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 06 October 1798

COSGROVE, October 1st, 1798.

AT a numerous and highly respectable Assembly of the Villagers of England, (for the Cosgrove District.) It was Resolved unanimously, that we become an armed HORSE ASSOCIATION of VILLAGERS.
That an humble Offer of our Services to his Most Gracious Majesty our beloved Sovereign, to serve as an Horse Association to the Extent of the Military District; and that we will be ready to act by Command of his Majesty, or by the Lord Lieutenant, High Sheriff, or any Magistrate upon any urgent Occasion.
That JOHN MANSEL. Esq. our associated Brother, be appointed COMMANDANT.
And that their Names be transmitted to his Majesty for the Honour of his Approbation, beseeching him  to grant Commissions according to the Rank set opposite their Names.
That we forthwith set about our Duty, and doing it well as we can.
That the Corps shall serve without Pay, and shall at their own Expence provide Uniform as shall be directed and approved of by the Commandant.
That this Corps shall meet once a Week at such Place as the Commandant shall appoint to learn their  Exercise; and that the Days Exercise shall he on Thursdays, between the Hours of Ten and Twelve in the Forenoon.
That every Member this Association shall take the Oath of Allegiance before he is enrolled.
That a Request be made to Government to furnish this Corps with such Arms and Accoutrements is they may think proper, with a Trumpeter and Horse.
That a small Subscription be collected in this Association for defraying the Expences of Advertisements
Resolved Unanimously, That the Thanks of this Assembly be given to the Commandant, for the Proof he has this Day afforded us of the Goodness of his Heart, and the Soundness of his Understanding.


THOMAS EWESDIN has the Honour to inform the Gentlemen of this powerful and highly respectable Association, that the next Assembly will be held in Cosgrove Church, on Monday the 14th of this instant October, at Ten o’Clock in the Forenoon; when the Corps will proceed to muster, and Gentlemen will have the Goodness to fix their respective Districts. “Vanguard to the Right and Left the Front unfold, that all may see who hate us how we seek Peace and Composure.
As there are many Gentlemen to whom the Distance of the Cosgrove District would be highly inconvenient, they are humbly requested only to grace our first muster with their Company, on the 14th instant; we will pair off in the Field, and Gentlemen will please to honour with their Attendance such District as will best suit their Convenience.
Cosgrove, 3d of October, 1798

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 24 November 1798

A Mare found.

FOUND in a CLOSE, in the Parish of COSGROVE, in the County of Northampton, the 28th Day of October last,

A Brown Blood Aged MARE

About fifteen Hands high, and clipped on the near Shoulder. The Owner by applying to William Johnson, of Yardley-Gobion, in the County of Northampton, describing the Marks, and paying the Expences, may have her again, otherwise she will be sold to defray the Expences.

Yardley-Gobion, Nov. 23d

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 08 June 1799


(Under the Authorities of the late Acts of Parliament, for the Redemption and Sale of the Land- Tax), on Thursday the 11th Day of July next, 1799, at the House of Mr. Forfeit, at the Sign of the Cock, situate Stony-Stratford, in the County of Bucks, at Three o'Clock in  the Afternoon, subject to such  Conditions as shall be then produced,

THE PERPETUAL ADVOWSON of the RECTORY and PARISH CHURCH of COSGROVE, in the County of Northampton, near unto Stony-Stratford, and in a delightful and sporting Country, subject to the Life of the present Incumbent, aged 64.
The Rectory consists of a capital Parsonage-House, with a Garden, Coach-house, Stabling for sixteen Horses, and other suitable Out-Offices; and also about 225 Acres good Land, 75 Acres of which are  Meadow and Pasture, now let with some small Compositions and Payments for Tithes at about 300l per Annum, but very improveable.
There is but one Church, and the occasional Duty inconsiderable.
For further Particulars, please to apply in the mean Time to Mr. Hubbard Leicester.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 22 June 1799


(Under the Authorities of the late Acts of Parliament, for the Redemption and Sale of the Land-Tax, on Thursday the 11th Day of July next, 1799, at the House of Mr. Forfeit, the Sign of the Cock, situate at Stony Stratford, the County of Bucks, at Three o’Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced,

The PERPETUAL ADVOWSON of the Rectory of the Parish Church of COSGROVE, in the County of Northampton, near unto Stoney Stratford, and in a delightful and sporting Country, subject to the Life of the present Incumbent, aged 64.
The Rectory consists of a capital Parsons House, with a Garden, Coach House, Stabling for 16 Horses, and other suitable Out Offices, and also about 225 Acres of good Land, 75 Acres of which are Meadow and Pasture now let, with some small Compositions and Payments for Tithes, at about 300L [£300] per Annum, but very improvable.
There is but one Church, and the occasional Duty inconsiderable.

For further Particulars please to apply in the mean Time to Mr. Hubbard, in Leicester.