A Village Sign for the Millennium

The Old Mail October 28th 1992

Considerable discussion took place on the relative merits of trying to refurbish the old signpost at the crossroads (Yardley/Stratford/ Bridge/ The Stocks roads). Several members of the council had strong feelings about the old signpost and it’s rural aspect. Photographs supplied by the County Council of the proposed new signpost were studied. Finally, reluctantly, the Councillors had to accept that the old signpost was badly cracked at the bottom and a vote was taken to accept a new one.

September 1992

The Old Mail September 1998

The Old Mail January 2000

A Village Sign for the Millennium - The new sign was in position for the dedication ceremony to the memory of Bob Entwistle at 12 noon on the 1 st January and carried out by Rev Steele. A notice has been posted on the sign and on the hail notice board giving details of the dedication and of those who have donated to the signs commission

Can I on behalf of Mary and her family thank all those of you who attended. It was made all the more poignant by the numbers present.


I am sure the people of Cosgrove will miss seeing Bob around the village.

He was passionate about things that would affect HIS village and the people who lived in it.

He would work quietly and tirelessly on matters of importance, especially planning matters. Even when faced with adverse reaction and apathy he never gave up where the village was concerned.

Many residents will perhaps never know just how many hours Bob put in, on their behalf, just trying to achieve a pleasant, safe environment for them and their families to live in.

If a litter bin needed emptying, a village seat repairing or painting, or salt spreading on the approach roads during the winter, while many argued that it wasn’t their job to do it, Bob would just get on and go and do it, because it affected all the village. All In all Bob was a great organiser, and if a job was to be done it had to be done 100% or not at all.

His great love of Bowling and other village activities were twinned with a pride that the teams belonged to COSGROVE, and Heaven help anybody who tried to belittle it!

This pride is soon to be remembered by the erection of his COSGROVE MILLENNIUM sign, which again he worked tirelessly at to achieve. Hopefully when the sign is finally in place it will act as a reminder to all the people of Cosgrove, old and new, that there was a very special resident who worked extremely hard, many times without the credit he deserved, on their behalf to protect and achieve the best for them, their families and Cosgrove itself.


MAY YOU REST IN PEACE                                                              A.B.

On New Year's Day 2000 the village sign that Bob designed was unveiled, blessed and dedicated to the memory of Bob Entwhistle by Rev Leslie Steele. Villagers then repaired to Bett Brassett's house for lunch and liquid refeshment. The plinth flowerbed was maintained for some years by Ted Brown and friends.