Furtho - Scrivener

F.XIII.4.12 Copy of Will of Richard Scrivener, Gent 1601

Copie testamenti Richardi Scrivener gent dat 14 Augusti 1601

To my eldest sonn Richard my messuage or tenement in Pott: wherein I now dwell with all lands or if  my goods will not pay my debts and legacies, my baynards watering close, and cott in tenure of Ric Gunn and another in tenure of A Spencer to be sold

6 sons. 2 daughters

Sonnes Ric, Tho: Robt Henry, William and John.
Daughters Mary, Margaret,

To William my house and yard which Mich: Tassell occupieth and my close called Wilcock Stockings.

To henry my cott: in the tenure of Humph: Heys

My copyhold in Yardley to be ..emeyed by my Executrix to John my son

My wife Jane Executrix.

Henry Pedder gent, John Barrow gent, Tho Addington, yeoman and Tho Scrivener my bro: Overseers.

FXIII.4.8. Marriage Settlement Richard Scrivener - Mary Dayrell 20 April 1655


(1)   Richard Scrivener of Potterspury in Co. of Northampton, yeoman, Paul Dayrel of Ashton in sd. Co. gent and

(2)   William Scrivener of Potterspury aforesaid, Baker  and

(3)   Mary Dayrell Spinster, sister of the sd. Paul Dayrell

And for a marriage portion is £200, Richard confirmed to Paul and William that mess. in Blackwell End called Blackwell end Hall and close of pasture adjoining of 2 ½ acres called Holme Close and 50 acres of Land, Leys, Meadows and Pasture thereto appertaining, by Indre of 28 Ch granted to Richard by Anne Troughton widow and Christopher Troughton.

And also all those parcells of land etc cont. 35 acres & parcell of the Farme called the White House in Blackwell end, by Indre. of 21 June 1652 conveyed to Richard by  Robert Clarke, Kings Bailiff and William,  [  ] and 1 acre of meadow in H [ ] worth? meadow and those three roodes of meadow in Streaming meade in Cosgrave. And that Assart called Birds nest Sart on Grooby Hill purchased of Marthana Wilson.

To the use of Richard & his heirs until the sd. marriage.  The to Richard & Mary for their lives and longest liver without ….

After to the heires of Mary & Richard

… to the use of the rightful heires of the sd. Richard … provided that if Mary survives Richard, Richards heires, executors etc, pay her £30 per annum on the Annunciation, St John Baptist, St Michael and Christopher in Perry South porch And after the decease of richard & Mary, pay £300 to the issue of the body of Mary by Richard.

Thenceforth Paul and William and their heires shall stand and be siezed of the premises to the use of the rightful heires of Richard forever

The estate to Mary is in full recompense of dowry.

And then Richard covenants that the premises shall be to the use of the said Paul and William and heires to and for the said respective uses without the lawful lett? etc.


Will dated 15 May 1666.  Tho: within a month to fore[lend?] to William of the value of upon such bond for, to such … three lines pretty indecipherable after this point

F.XIIII.4.10 Notes on marriage settlement of R. Scrivener and Mary Addington

To the use of me the foresaid Richard Scrivener and my heires till the accuringly?  [ then? ] of my marriage with the said Mary Addington.

* And then to the use of me and her and the heires of our bodies lawfully begotten or to be begotten.

And if she dies without heires of her body begotten by me then to the use of me the said Richard and heires of my body.

And if I die without heires of my body then (after the death of the said Mary) to the use of the eight heires of me the said Richard for ever.

Is thir any intaile these cannot be avoided!

* the said Richard had foure sons by the said Mary.  1. Richard, 2. Thomas, 3 ……, and William.  Richard  the first son dies seized, without issue, by his will bequeathes it to Thomas his next brother.

The third son is dead.  Thomas, William and the widow Mary their mother will joine.

Md Richard the younger left a widow (his second wife) who hath a jointure [  ]d  or rather an annuitie of £30 per annum upon his land.

Richard give up his estate by will to Thomas (his brother and next heire who sells) is not Thomas his wife the to joyne [  ]same again!

FXIII.8 Temple Close Furtho undated

The writings of the purchase of Temple Close and Bushy close.

These closes ly in one on the north side of Temple Lane.

They are let by lease to Thomas Scrivener Flemyng for his life, under the rent of four shillings per annum.

2nd of September 1667

A perfect Terrier of the House Homestall and Arable Lands Ley and Meadow ground belonging to the Farme  of Thomas Scrivener Ju: late the Land of his brother Richard Scrivener decsd and now bargained for by Edmond Arnold Esq lying in the parishes of Potterspury & Cosgrave in the Countie of Northampton

Imprimis The Farme House with the barnes, stables dovehouse and other Outhouses thereunto belonging,  And all gardens, Orchards, yardes, Backsides being too Closes [The Kings high way]d One Cottage house with the appurts thereto adjoining [missing] the Occupation of James Woolman, the Kings high way called [missing] lying on the West, the Kings Land in the possession of the said Th[omas] being in the East and the Street of Potterspury  on the North.  One severall Pightle of sward ground cont. about One Roode lying [missing] other side the street over against the said Farme House, The Land of Joane J[  ] widow on the East, and shooting upon a Close in the Occupation of Robert Cull on the North

One other Close called Culver Close lying in Blackwell End cont. four Acres or thereabouts, the said Watling Street way in the West and the free ground of Edward Addington on the South part thereof.

One other Close in Blackwell End aforesaid called SewSwells Close cont. by estimation 4 acres  Mrs Marthana Wilsons Close called Woodcroft [north?] and a Close of Leonard Bentons on the South.

Meadow ground

One parcell of Meadow at Bayards Watering, cont by est. two acres, the said Watling streete way on the East, and butting [missing] Kempsons Close on the North extending to the Brooke running [missing] Watering aforesaid towards the south.

One parcell of Meadow ground called Cookes Moore cont. by est. three acres, the Land of Thomas Hearne on the East, and [missing] of William Peake on the West.

One parcell of Meadow more on Cookes Mooore aforesaid cont [missing] acres, the Meadow of Willaim Peake on the East & Thom [missing] Freeland on the West

In Kempton’s Field 25 acres

In Scratchers Hearne Field 24 acres

In Puxley & Hardley Field 23 acres 1 rood

Inclosure                     13  1
Meadow                      07   0
Arable & Leys             72  1
Total                            92  2

After terrier there is in effect an abstract of title

We find that by deed 17 Jan 4&5 Ph & Mary, Richards West and Alice his wife … to son Thomas West premises in general words, viz. all his two mess, lands , tens etc