National Archives Leaflets: The Militia

Militia Conscription 1758 - 1831

A form of conscription was used: each year, the parish was supposed to draw up lists of adult males, and to hold a ballot to choose those who had to serve in the militia. The militia lists (of all men) and militia enrolment lists (of men chosen to serve) should in theory provide complete and annual censuses of all men aged between 18 and 45 from 1758 - 1831. The surviving lists, held locally, can be very informative, giving details about individual men and their family circumstances.

1777 Cosgrove Northampton Shire to witt. A list of the names of all the persons in the said parish to be returned to the deputy Lieutenants and his Magesties Justices of the Peace of and for the said county to serve as militia men Decbr. 17

Furtho Militia List 1777
Forename Surname Occupation
Gorge INGRAM horsedeler
John PITTAM headboro
John HARVEY servant