Furtho - Hillier

Furtho XIII.3 Copie of a Deed of Bargain & Sale dated 20 June 19 Eliz [1577]

Between (1)    Thomas Meade of Lillingstone in Co of Oxon, yeoman, & Alice his wife
and         (2)     Thomas Hillier of east Perrie alias Potters Perry, Tanner

all that Tenement in East Perry with a Yarde and a garden thereunto adjoining lying between the Tenement of William Clarke, gent on the East side and the Tenement of Robert Packington alias Rockingham on the West
one Close lying on the South side of Temple Lane next the land of Thomas Furthoe gent on the south parte
foure Acres of Arrable Land butting on the sd. Close on the east part
one Acre of Arrable Land lying on the East side of the sd. four Acres butting on a Close in the tenure of Tho. West
and also the third part of one Close called Pollins Close lying on the west side of Temple lane
situate and being in the parishes of East Perry alis Potters Perry & furthoe on the Co of N
now being in the tenures of the sd. Tho Hillier and one Richard Lord.

This is a true Coppie of the deed mentioned in an indenture bearing date the eleventh day of August 1641 made from John Hillier the Elder and John the younger examined and read in the presense of us whose names are under written

Witnesses Isaac Cooke, Jo. Cooke, Thomas Barrowes, Nathaniell Lee.

FXIII.6 Mortgage John Hillier to William Hillier 1640

25 March 1640

(1) John Hillier of Pott yeoman
(2) Willlian Hillier of Pott, second son of above

Conson £65

2 closes of pasture ground in Pott in the pa. of Furtho called Temple Close  & Bushy Close  (formerly Pollins Close). Both closes, the sd JH inherited from late father Thomas Hillier

for 100 years

Signed & sealed
The mark W of William Hillier
John Cooke
Thomas Hillier

Indenture Release. John Hillier, elder & younger to William Hillier 1641

11th August 1641 (17 Ch I)

(1)    John Hillier the elder, of Pott. yeoman & Johnn Hillier the younger (eldest son of the sd. JH) of Pott. tailor, and

(2)    William Hillier (second son of the sd. JH) of Pott. Butcher

Whereas the sd. JH elder by Indre dated 15th April 8Ch I [1632] did grant unto the sd. William Hillier and Alice his wife all that house or ten. with appurts. now adjoining to the ten.of JH, and late in the ten. and occ. of Joan Shephard, widow with a yard or backside thereunto belonging and a parcel of closes now set out and divided from the other part thereof  being 38 yards in length and 18 yards breadth and extending from of the pond there the outside hereof from the lane to the middest of the pond there. To have and to hold to WH and his now wife Alice for 99 years from the date of this Indre.

And whereas the sd. JH elder did by another indenture dated 25th March 1640 did grant to the sd. WH two closes or pasture grounds in pa. of Furtho, one called Temple Close or Temple Ashe Close, the other Bushy close, formerly Pollins Close or one third part of Pollins Close which together contain 4 acres, to have and to hold the sd. closes from 100 years from the date of the Indre.  The last mentioned lease was only a mortgage, conditional for the payment of £65 to the sd. William Hillier, which had not been paid by the appointed time, the lease became absolute.  And by virtue of which sd. severall lease, the sd. WH is in possession of the sd. house and closes, and by virtue thereof is in lawful and quiet possession of every part and parcel thereof, now dwelling in the sd. house and receiving the profits and benefits of the sd. closes.

And whereas the sd. WH has bargained and agreed with the sd JH elder and JH younger for the inheritance and fee simple of the sd. house and closes for the sum of £10 paid to JH elder and £5 paid to JH younger.

The sd JH elder and JH younger do release to the sd. WH all their right title interest claim and demand which they have in the sd. now dwelling house of the sd. WH, in Pott. with the shop, cutilidge, garden, building and backside, and also the two closes in pa. of Furtho..

Signed the marks of John Hillier the elder and John Hillier the younger

Isaac Cooke
Jo. Cooke
Thomas Barrowes
Nathaniel Lee

Externally engrossed

No.4  Deed of release and confirmation from John Hillier the elder & John Hillier the younger to William Hillier of a messuage & lands called Temple Ash Close and Bushy Close
11 August 1641
17 Ch I