Furtho - Perambulation 1593

F XIII.16.13 Furtho Perambulation 1593

From Perrie feilde gate along the freee borde to Eyres Stockings corner where Perrie and Furthoo doe parte +C and from thence along the hie waye crossing the ende of no mans Furlong +C And soe followinge the Ridgeway alonge the heade of the same Furlonge +C And from thence followinge a meare leadinge westwarde to the olde morter pitte +C And so crossing the sayd pitte northwards along the furrowe of the headland to the ende of a Close called Smythes alias Fermore his Close of Yardley and there including certayne wast ground at the west end of the sayde close alsoe includinge the same close and following a gutter leading down to the blacke pitts +C And from thence to Thactham hedge +C and so along the river side to a crosse +C opposite to the end of the longe Reeves hadlande and from thence up another hadlande called Stockins +C And crossing from thence upon a knowle overthwa[r]te the furlonge called the longe Stockins including vj Leas from the crosse and so to the nether end of Blackland slade Furlong +C And from thence crossing the nether end of the sayde Furlong to the knowle shooting through the middle of the black land slade and by a gutter leading through the same slade to the nether end of John Mayhood his willowes and from thence including iij Leas+C up a meare by Rusheads land and at the and at the upper end of the same lands cross over the gutter to the bawke leading by another gutter crossing along to mugg Rowden up to Thomas Scpencers hedge and so along the same hedge up to Northampton waye and so along the sayde waye from hence crossinge a Ridge waye betwixt two furlongs called the Sharpes including the upper Sharpe and tenne lands of the neather Sharpes next to barne wels waye +C And crossinge the nether ends of the sayd tenne lands over to Barnewells waye +C And soe a lone up Barnewells wayeto the upper end of the nether Sharpes up a bawke on the upper Sharpes excluding ij lands betwixt the sayde bawke and barne wells waye up to Hansloppe waye +C and soe alonge Hansloppe waye to quarrin bridge and from thence followinge the high waye til you come over against Church hedge +C into a Ridge waye called Prestle waye from thence up the hadlande of Shrobbe Furlonge including the sayd hadeland with the Shrobbe furlong and soe along the same hadland up to a bawke crossing to the Hermitage betwixt the land belonging to the sayd Hermitage on the northwest syde and the land of Thomas Emerson on the southeast syde and from the sayd bawke +C over the hedge into watlin Streete and soe alonge Watlyn Street unto Byards wateringe foard and including Byards watering closse +C and so along the inside of the sayd close into vauses nether spynnye followyng the gutter and includinge the whole spynnye to the nether corner of Barne feilds and soe up along the southeast syde of the sayde close incudinge Furthoo greene with certen Land to the upper corner of the sayd Barnfeilds +C and from thence crossing a ridge waye downe to a sydelynge bawke includinge v lands betwixt the sayde balke and woodviles close and downe the sayd bawke streight to a willow tree growinge by a gutter in Hardley field and soe crossing the sayd gutter along the freeboard called Peartree bawke including one lye P or D[…]ose pasture up to a style against the middke of the sayd pasture and soe crossinge westwarde by the sayd style by a cross hedge and soe through the sayd hedge +C into a certayne arrable peece enclosed alongst a bawke includinge fyve lands in the tenure of William Clarke gent belonging to flemings farme in Perrie and soe from the sayd bawle streight over into part of a close belonginge to the sayd Flemings farme +C and soe crossing by an old ditch about the middle of the sayd Close by certen Ashes growinge upon the sayd ditch, into a close called Hilliards Close excludinge the sowth parte of the sayd Close by mmencion of an olde ditch and from the sayd Close  up along the hedge including the closes and crossing the Temple lane +C and from thence Alonge the freeboard includinge the Closes on the other syde of the same lane downe by the brooke syde includinge the severall ground of the Lorde of Furthooe to Perrie feilde gate.