Furtho Church Registers & Bishop's Transcripts

Rectors of Furtho
1226 Aubrey de Pirie, subdeacon presented by Sir William de Fortho and Ralph de Chedneto
12-- Nicholas
1276 18 Sept Henry de Fortho son of Walter subdeacon
1329 20 Oct. William Gobioun, de Jerdele (Yardley) clerk, by Henry de Fortho,
1344 16 Nov. Henry de Furtho clerk
1349 8 Jan. John de Furtho, priest, by William de Fortho,
1357 John Dykes he was previously noticed under Bugbrook
1364 14 Aug. John de Leyre, priest
1367 8 Nov. John Martyn de Brynton priest. He exchanged for the rectory of Oakley Parva with
1399 31 July Sir William Etyndon Rector of Oakley Parva
1400 31 Jan Thomas Beauchamp, priest
1401 25 Oct. William West, chaplain. He was also rector of Thenford
1404 Thomas Bromecote. He was vicar of St. Michae'sl Northampton
1441 11 July William Baker, priest
1465 28 Oct. Sir John Greene, priest, presented by Thomas Fortho, esq.
1467 6 Oct. Sir Roger Newport, priest
1471 18 Nov. Sir William Twycrosse
1472 6 July Sir Robert Nunton, priest
1478 8 May Sir John Jepson or Gibson, priest
1507-8 16 Jan Sir John Dyvet, chaplain presented by T. Brookesby
in right of his wife Catherinelate wife of William Fortho
1512 27 April Sir Edward Woodwood, chaplain
1513 8 Nov Sir Otwell Jepson, chaplain
1526 26 Jan Sir Thomas Ball, clerk,
1548 7 May Robert Wade, clerk, by Catherine Furtho, widow. He was deprived for negligence and default in not paying the King's subsidy and
1552 31 July Edward Bune was instituted 31 July 1552, on the presentation of the king. He was also rector of Grafton Regis
1555 John Suckling, vicar of Potterspury from 1543 to 1555. On his decease.
1557 5 Oct Thomas Follwell, was presented by Anthony Furtho, esq. and inst. 5 Oct. 1557. He was rector of Milton Malsor from 1545 to 1583, and vicar of Potterspury1555 to 1568. On his resignation.
1561 Christopher Emerson already noticed under Cosgrave was presented by Thomas Furtho, esq. and inst. 6 Sept 1561. He died in 1592-3, and the next recorded incumbent, but without date is
1586 William Curry presented by Queen Elizabeth
1593 Nicholas Ryall, on whose decease, a second
1631-2 20 Jan Nicholas Ryall was presented by Sir Robert Banastre,
1675 17 June John Mansell, of Clare hall, Camb. LL.B. of whom a brief notice will be found under Cosgrave, was nominated by Edmund Arnold, esq. and inst. 17 June 1675 on presentation of the principal and fellows of Jesus college, Oxford. His resignation introduced
1697 4 Dec Lucas Williams
1730 10 July Francis Payne, A.M. was inst. 10 July 1730, on the decease of the last incumbent. He resigned, and his successor
1739 20 Sept Anthony Apperley, A.M. was inst. 20 Sept. 1739; on whose resignation
1775 6 Sept James Bandinel D.D., A.M. 1758, B.D. 1767, D.D. 1777, was inst. 6 Sept. 1775. His cession introduced
1789 Nicholas Peter Dobree D.D. who was presented by the principal and fellows of Jesus college, Oxford to the consolidated rectories of Furtho and Wigginton, and inst. 20 Aug. 1789. He has also a benefice in the island of Guernsey
1813 John William Masom
1880 John Chalmers M.A.
1890 James Payne D.C.L
1907 Robert Scott Mylne B.C.L. R.S.A.