Furtho Church Registers & Bishop's Transcripts

Rectors of Furtho
1226 Aubrey de Pirie presented by Sir William de Furtho Knight
12-- Nicholas
1276 Henry de Furtho Sub-deacon son of Walter
1329 William Gobioun, de Jerdele (Yardley)
1344 Henry de Furtho clerk
1349 John de Furtho
1357 John Dykes
1364 John de Leyre
1367 John Martyn de Bryton exchanged with
1399 Sir William Edyndon Rector of Oakley Parva
1400 Thomas Beauchamp
1401 William West
1404 Thomas Bromecote Vicar of St. Michael Northampton
1441 William Baker
1465 Sir John Greene, presented by Thomas Furtho
1467 Sir Roger Newport
1471 Sir William Twycrosse
1472 Sir Rob. Nunton
1478 Sir John Jepson or Gibson
1507 Sir John Dyvet Chaplain presented by T. Brookesby
in right of his wife Catherine widow of William Furtho
1512 Sir Edward Woodwood Chaplain
1513 Sir Otwell Gibson Chaplain
1526 Sir Thomas Ball
1548 Robert Wade deprived for not paying the King's subsidy
1552 Edward Bune Rector of Grafton Regis presented by the King
15-- John Suckling Vicar of Potterspury
1557 Thomas Follwell Vicar of Potterspury
1561 Christopher Emerson
1586 William Curry presented by Queen Elizabeth
1593 Nicholas Ryall
1631 Nicholas Ryall Junior. Presented by Sir Robert Banaster
1675 John Mansell presented by Jesus College Oxford to whom E. Arnold
had given the Advowson and had founded the Arnold Charity
1697 Lucas Williams
1730 Francis Payne
1739 Anthony Apperley
1775 James Bandinel D.D.
1789 Nicholas Peter Dobree Rector of Wigginston Oxon
1813 John William Masom
1880 John Chalmers M.A.
1890 James Payne D.C.L
1907 Robert Scott Mylne B.C.L. R.S.A.