Furtho - Leonard Benton

F II.7  Foure papers purporting the Inventory and accnt of Leod Bentons Estate

The accompt and discharges of diana Benton widow, the Relict and executrix of the last will and testament of the said Leonard Benton deceased

Debts owing by the said deceased, and since paid [with other disbursements]d [of and touching with other disbursements in his regard]i

Imprimis paid upon a bond to the towne of  Potterspury

11 15  6

Item paid for interest

1  4  0

Item paid William Davies bond and interest

5  0  0

Item paid Mary birds bond and interest

5  9  0

Item paid Arthur Capps bond and interest

7  0  0

Item paid Mr Sauls bond and interest

12  1  0

Item paid Mr Hartleys bond and interest

8  15  0

Item paid [funerall]d charges[for and above the deceased funerall]i 

12   9  8

Item paid  due bi the King and parish in the deceaseds life time

1 14 7

Item paid servants wages before his death

7  10  0

Item paid Mrs Wilson for rent due by the deceased

18  10  0

Item paid Mr Webb upon bond

5  0  0

Item paid Mr Scrivener the remainder of a bond

1  10  0

Item paid upon several other bills

8  17 7 [0?]

Item paid legacies given in his will

2  2  6

Item paid chief rent due in his lifetime

0  13  5

Item paid a Bayliff upon [Bansters]d Banghey  touching a debt by him pretended for the deceased.

0  7  6

Item charges of proving the will

1  5  2

Charges of  to london th

1  0  0

Item paid [other or for in regard of the deceased]d [of  a bond of due by the deceased to William Banghey]i and for charges of

5  10  0

Item the Charges of drawing the accompt and of double ingrossing the Inventory and accompt 2  [10]d 5  0

119  19  4

FII.2 No. 11 Edmund Arnold to Leonard Benton, power of attorny for a close in Furtho: 1669/70

Edmund Arnold of the city of London appoints  ‘my loving friend Richard Rawlins of Cosgove, yeoman’ as his attorney to take and receive of and from Leonard Benton of Potterpury potter full and quiet possession of seizin of a close near Furtho as mentioned in a pair of indentures bearing date 3 January 1669.

10 Jan 1669
signed Edm.Arnold
witnesses John Arnold & Robert Carr.

FII.3 No.10 Diana Benton to Lenoard Benton, power of attorney for a close in Furtho; 1669/70

Diana Benton widow, relict and executrix of the will of Leonard Benton of Potterspury (whilst he was alive) potter deceased do hereby appoint Leonard Benton the younger of Perry as attorney to deliver seizin and possession unto Edmund Arnold of a certain close near Furtho as mentioned in a pair of indentures bearing date 3 January 1669.

7 Jan 1669.
signed Diana Banton
witnesses Edward Peirce & John Arnold

FII.4 No.9 Receipts from Diana Benton & Leonard Benton, from Edmund Arnold; 1669/70

One sheet folded containing two receipts
a) 3 January 1699 Received by me Diana Benton widow, relict and one of the executors of Leonard Benton late of Pott. potter deceased of Edmund Arnold of London Esq. the sum of eighteen pounds being the purchase money and consideration mentioned in a pair of indentures  bearing date 3 January 1699/70   etc and touching a certain inclosed ground containing one acre more or less.

signed Diana Banton
Robert Barker
Edward Peirce
Robert Carr
John Lloyde

FII.14 Indre Mrs Benton & Leonard Benton to Edmund Arnold 1669

3 January 1699/70

(1)   Diana Benton widow relict and one of the executors of will of Leonard Benton the elder late of Potterspury, potter her late husband and Leonard Benton the younger grandson and heir and the other executor of the sd. will of the sd. Leonard Benton etc potter
(2)   Edmund Arnold of London Esq.

Consideration ‘a competent sum of money’

All that close with appurts. lately ploughed containing by estimation one acre in the parish of Potterspury and of Furtho formerly purchased by the sd. Leaonard Benton the elder of  John Hillier of Pott. tailor for the most part and the rest of Thomas Cave of Yardley Gobion yeoman now or late in the tenure of Diana Benton or her assigns, a lane called Temple Lane on the North, the Field of Pott. on the South and a little croft spring or pightell of ground lately purchased  of the sd Edmund Arnold of Thomas Scrivener of Yardley Gobion yeoman Lying on the East thereof.

signed Diana Banton & Leonard Benton

Robert Barker
Edward Peirce
Robert Carr
John Lloyde

FII.9 No.6. (contemporary) will of Leonard benton 1664/5

Dated 13 March 1664/5
Proved 21 April 1665

See PCC will of same date.

[end para.]
Witnesses William Bason, John Lacye.  Item my further will and meaning is that my sd wife Dianah shall be partner with my sd. grandson in the trade for one whole year commencing from my death and if my sd. grandson Leonard shall refuse for to do then my bequest of the implements formerly bequeathed shall be void. Signed sealed etc this second time the 18 day of March 1664.
Witnesses Robert Barker & John Lacye

[Attachment sewn into doc]

10 acres in Yardley Field
2 roods in Pouxley Field
10 acres in Cleywell, Potperry, Yardley Cosgrove and Furtho
9 ½ acres in Stonycross Field

acres                30 [½]d
and Cl. and cl: 1                      Furthoe close one acre
total                 31 [½]d              Blackwell End close one acre
at 7s        [£10 or 11  7  0]d                                                      31acrees at 7s = £10 17 0
at 21 years per?                      one barne of three bayes    21 x £10 17 0 = £227  17  0

comes to [£238]d £217            one hay barne 2 bayes

suppose with the mess and 2 barnes £240

£10[ or 11] 17s at 21 yeares purchase  £227  10  0
and with the mess and 2 barnes  total   £240.