Cosgrove Football Club Champions Div II North Bucks Season 1927-28 & 1929

Back Row: Left to Right. R. Brown (Chairman), E. Hillyer, C. Gidman, E. Johnson, G. Stewart, H. Johnson (Treasurer)

Centre Row: Left to Right. T. Cummings (Trainer), A. Noble, C. Knight (Capt.), F. Barby, A. Giles, S. Bushell, W. Luck, F. Hillyer, Alfred Meakins

Front Row: Left to Right Miss L. Knight (Secretary), R. Giles, C. Wain, H. Cook, W. Birdsey, S. Eglesfield, Mrs. Atkinson (President)

Wolverton Express 1st January 1927

North Bucks and District League

Cosgrove on Saturday entertained Emberton and finished up their home games by winning by 5 goals to 0.  They have not been defeated on their own ground this season. The home team winning the toss, set to the visitors to face a strong wind and sun.  From the start Cosgrove took control of the game and Priestley, Barby and Jelley all tried shots which were charged down.  The visitors’ goal had many escapes.  After Emberton had missed a chance to take the lead Bushell opened the scoring for Cosgrove after the visitors’ goalie had saved from jelly.  From the centre Cosgrove went further ahead with a header by Bushell from a corner, Knight scored the third by rushing the goalkeeper into the net.  Bushell then got his hat trick with a long shot.  Half time arrived with the home defence untroubled, Kingston not having touched the ball during the first half.  Midfield play was witnessed throughout the second half, neither goalkeeper being seriously troubled.  Jelley stored a further goal for Cosgrove just before the end. Emberton were awarded a penalty which they failed to utilize.

Wolverton Express 4th February, 1927

Old Wolverton 2 Cosgrove 1

A game having an important bearing on the leadership of the Second Division, North Bucks League, was played at Old Wolverton on Saturday, when the Trinity entertained Cosgrove with an interesting result of 2 - 1 for the home team.  By this weekend, Old Wolverton again take the leadership of the division.  The teams were composed as follows:

Cosgrove: C Knight: A. Giles and G. Stewart: S Bushell, J Prisley, and F Barby: R. Giles, W Jelley, T Castle, H Cook, and S Eglesfield.

Old Wolverton: McEachran: F Sharp and D Kemp: A Parrott, W bull, and W Axby: R. Cook, F. Coles, F Whitehead, J Eales, and R Tucker.

Cosgrove who won the toss had the advantage of a wind blowing obliquely across the pitch.  They had the better of the opening play, but afterwards the game became more even, the ball travelling quickly from goal to goal.  Coles with a long shot drove the ball against the Cosgrove crossbar and as it bounced to the ground, to all appearances it seemed as though the ball crossed the goal line, but when the ball came out again into play the referee allowed the game to proceed although he was appealed on the point.  Knight later saved a “sitter” from Whitehead at the expense of a corner.  The home goal had a fortunate escape near the interval. Eglesfield, who with Cooke, made a lively win for Cosgrove, fired a shot over the crossbar from close range.  The score sheet remained blank at the interval. 

Old Wolverton with the wind during the second half, kept play in the Cosgrove area for some time, but the visitors defence played soundly.  In a spurt to the other end, Jelley finished weakly whilst Cook put in a hot drive which McEachran smartly pushed behind for a corner, which was cleared. Eglesfield also skimmed the crossbar with a shot.  Old Wolverton opened the scoring after 17 minutes, Whitehead netting a centre from Eales.  Pay became more spirited following this and in an attack by Cosgrove, Kemp cleared from off the goal line with McEachran out of his charge.  Kemp cent the ball well up the field to Whitehead who sent Tucker away on the wing to score with a fast grounder.  A few minutes later Cosgrove reduced the lead through Jelley who took advantage of a mistake by Kemp in the goalmouth.  Old Wolverton were attacking during the closing play and Knight saved well from Eales.

Wolverton Express 11th March, 1927

North Bucks League

Cosgrove St Peter’s 4,   Deanshanger 1

The divisional leaders entertained a near neighbours, Deanshanger, on Saturday and won by 4 goals to 1.

The visitors were the first to attack, and the home goalie was severely tested by Bird and Toombs.  Then play was taken to the other end where W Jelley opened the scoring with a good shot.  A melee in front of the visitors’ goal looked dangerous and the goalie did well to stop two hot drives from Knight.  He was, however, beaten by this player shortly afterwards.  Cosgrove were enjoying the best of play and just before the interval obtained their third through Castle, who headed in a centre from R. Giles.  Right upon time, Tombs gave the Cosgrove goalie considerable trouble with a strong shot. Cosgrove were leading by 3 goals to nil at the interval. 

The second half was more even and the ground was by this time in a very bad condition owing to the heavy rain.  Castle scored Cosgrove’s fourth goal midway through the half, and later the visitors scored from a penalty which was taken the second time.  W Tapp took the first kick and Kingston saved, but the referee owing to an infringement ordered the kick to be retaken and Bird netted.

Cosgrove were represented by E. Kingston, A. Giles and G. Stewart; F Barby, J. Priestley and M Knight; R. Giles, W Jelley, T Castle, S Bushell and S Eglesfield.

Wolverton Express 11th March, 1927

North Bucks League Div II

Cosgrove St Peter’s 3, Old Wolverton Trinity 1

There was a good attendance of spectators from the surrounding district to witness this game which was played at Cosgrove on Saturday.  Cosgrove won the toss and had the advantage of a crosswind.  The opening play was fast and the home goal had a lucky escape when the ball rolled across the front of the goal mouth.  At the other end the visitors’ goal was the scene of a struggle, but eventually the ball was cleared, the visitors attacked hotly and forced four consecutive corners and for one of the centres the ball again rolled across the goalmouth, but it was scrambled away.  Cosgrove broke away but Sharpe cleared.  Knight shortly afterwards drove the ball back into the visitors’ goal mouth and following a scramble for possession Castle sent the ball into the corner of the net to give Cosgrove the lead after 18 minutes.  Playing now became exciting and fast, both sides attacking in turn.  McEachran saved well from Giles by turning the ball over the bar for a corner.  Old Wolverton had a fine opportunity of equalising just before the interval.  Whitehead receiving from Birdsey went through, and when about to shoot with an open goal missed his step and put the ball by the post.  Interval score: Cosgrove 1, Old Wolverton nil. 

The second half opened with both teams playing strongly.  The home team were awarded a penalty, a visiting defender having handled the ball, and from the resultant kick W Jelley put them further ahead.  McEachran partly saved the shot, but the greasy condition of the ball made it slip through his hands.  The visitors pressed and Cook and Coles had shots saved by Kingston.  At the other end Gidman badly miskicked in front of goal and Castle practically walked the ball into the net for the third goal after 28 minutes play.  Old Wolverton forced a corner straight from the kick off.  Cook sent the ball in and it was returned to the winger who took a shot at goal, the ball passing over the heads of players swarming the goalmouth and into the net.  The visitors put on pressure after this success and Tucker went near to further reducing the lead, putting the ball along the front of the crossbar, with Kingston beaten.  Both sides played out strongly until the end, with Cosgrove the better team, deserving their win.  Final score: Cosgrove 3, Old Wolverton 1. 

The teams lined up under the charge of Mr. WA Pickering (Northampton) as follows:

Cosgrove St Peter’s: E. Kingston; R. Giles and G. Stewart; G Bugby, J Prisley and M Knight; R. Giles, W Jelley, T Castle, S Bushell, and S Eglesfield. 

Old Wolverton Trinity: McEachran; C Gidman and P Sharpe; A Parrott, W Bull and W Axby; R Cook, F. Coles, S Whitehead, W Birdsey, and R Tucker.

Wolverton Express 18th March 1927

Cosgrove 3 Buckingham 1

The divisional leaders at home further improve their position on Saturday by defeating Buckingham by three goals to one. All the scoring took place in the first half. T Castle netted first for Cosgrove, and W Jelly added a second, while the former player scored number 2.

Wolverton Express 8th April, 1927

North Bucks League

Woughton 1, Cosgrove 7

This match at Woughton on Saturday was an important one, for by the result Cosgrove gained the divisional championship honours. It was a scrappy game and rain fell throughout. A. Giles won the toss for the visitors and set the home team to face a strong wind and rain. But the visitors soon settled down, and Jelley hit the crossbar with a long shot. After ten minutes R. Giles opened the scoring with a fine shot, and Bushell shortly afterwards added the second goal. Woughton retaliated, and Kingston, in dealing with a hot shot, turned the ball off to the upright from which it rebounded into the net. Bushell scored Cosgrove’s third goal before the interval. After the change of ends Cosgrove had matters all their own way and netted four goals in quick succession, Castle claiming two, whilst Bushell and Jelley each had one, with two strong shots. The final school was: Cosgrove 7 Woughton 1.

Wolverton Express 6th May 1927

Footballers celebrate

To celebrate their winning of the championship of Division II of the north bucks league, the Cosgrove St Peter’s football club held a supper and smoking concert at their headquarters, the Barley Mow Inn on Saturday last. The Cosgrove club enjoyed a very successful season and only lost two of 18 games played and the majority of the matches were won by very decisive margins, as the goal average of 83 for and 22 against, indicates. They were fortunate in having a good list of players to choose from, yet the team fielded was very little altered week by week and only then altered where circumstances made it necessary. Their success was all the more noteworthy by the fact that the majority of the playing members were village residents.

A company numbering about 60 sat to well laid tables. There were a number of visitors present including Mr. R Whiting, Mr. W Gee, and Mr. J E Harding (the two latter representing the North Bucks and District League). Mr. W Gee occupied the chair in the absence of Captain PY Atkinson. The chairman gave the loyal toast, which was honoured, and then read letters of apology from Captain Atkinson, Lieutenant-Colonel LC Hawkins JP CC and Mr. J G Knight, all of whom wished the function success.

The chairman congratulated the club on winning the Divisional honours and referred to the past history of the club, during the whole of which it was a force to be reckoned with in local football. He also referred to the time when Mr. Walter Gee (chairman of the Wolverton town F C), and many others, who were well-known in local football, played for Cosgrove.

The remainder of the evening was spent in harmony and enjoyable songs were rendered by Mr. H Coxhill, Mr. E Skinner (Wolverton) Mrs Hartell, Messrs. E. Kingston, C Eglesfield, M Knight, Robinson, C. Burnell, Hartell, Ratcliffe, S Sanders, and P Horne. Mr M. Jones made a very able accompanist. Their supper was excellently catered for by Mr. and Mrs. Andrews (the Host and Hostess) and much enjoyed. They had the helpful assistance of Mrs. Horne, Mrs. D. Andrews Jr., Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Brown, Mrs Bushell, Mr F. Andrews, and Mr. T Bushell, who were responsible for the serving and preparing the tables.

All other arrangements were carried out by the committee of the club with Mr. A Jelley efficiently performing the duties of hon. Secretary, an office he has held with the club throughout its successful season.

Wolverton Express 20 May, 1927


Football Club Presentations and Dance

A large number of supporters of the Cosgrove FC were present at the victory dance held on Saturday last.  During the evening the team, who are the champions of Division II of the North Bucks League, were presented with their medals by Mrs Atkinson of Cosgrove Priory.  Miss Gune Atkinson and Captain PY Atkinson were also present.  Short speeches were made by the chairman Mr. A Noble, Mrs. Atkinson, Captain P Y Atkinson, and the popular captain of the team, Mr A. Giles. The recipients were greeted by loud and prolonged cheers.

Musical honours were recorded by Mrs Atkinson, who was presented by Mr A. Giles with a framed photograph of the team and officials as a slight token of her many kindnesses to them.  Mrs A. Andrews was the pianist while Messrs. F Hillyer and E. Kingston were M C’s. The refreshments were in the capable hands of Mrs. G Brown, Mrs. P Horne, Mrs Bushell, Mrs. A Smith, and Mrs. Stewart.  The committee, under the chairmanship of Mr. A Noble, are to be congratulated on a most pleasant and successful evening.

Wolverton Express 14th October, 1927

North Bucks and District League

Cosgrove 3, Old Wolverton 2.

Considerable interest marked the meeting of these two teams on Saturday last at Cosgrove.  The home team was successful by the odd goal in five after a keen and exciting game.

Cosgrove kicked off before a good attendance and the Trinity attacked first, but were soon driven back and Birdsey put by. Kemp miskicked in the visitors’ defence, Purdey saving the situation.  A nice movement on the Trinity’s left was spoilt by Whitehead who gave Kingston a weak shot which he easily saved.  The home side attacked and forced two corners, but without result.  Coles fouled a home player about 25 yards from goal and Prisley with a hot drive opened the scoring direct from the kick. This goal came after 10 minutes play. 

The visitors took up the running and, from a free kick, Hall tested Kingston with a good drive which the custodian saved well.  At the other end the visitors stood appealing for offside and let Birdsey through.  Fortunately for them he made a poor finish, the ball being cleared.  Play was transferred to the Cosgrove end where Goodridge centred the ball well for Eales to put the Trinity on level terms, the goalie having no chance to save.  Cosgrove progressed strongly and forced a corner.  R. Giles plays the ball well into the goalmouth where Birdsey gave the home team the lead with a header.  From a breakaway by the visitors, Tucker missed a good opportunity of putting old Wolverton on level terms.  Gidman cleared a dangerous movement on the visitors’ right and from an infringement by the home team Keightley placed well into the goalmouth and Kingston did well to save. 

Even play was now witnessed, both sides attacking in turn.  The visitors right wing made an attack, but Coles shot weakly by.  A corner taken by Goodridge was well placed, but Tucker failed when in a good position.  The interval arrived with the home team leading by two goals to one.  The second half was fought out strongly, much even play being witnessed.  In a breakaway by the visitors, Goodridge had his shots charged down by Stewart and from the rebound Coles put over from close range.  Cosgrove took play to the other end where, from a centre by Eglesfield, Birdsey easily headed in and gave Cosgrove the lead of two goals.  Play became exciting and not many minutes had elapsed before Old Wolverton reduced Cosgrove’s lead from a penalty for hands, Bull being the marksmen.  Bushell, at the other end put by when well placed.  Goodridge tried a long shot as did Axby, both without result.  The visitors took command of the game at this period and Kingston saved shots from Whitehead, Eales, and Bull.  Following a miskick by Kenp in the Trinity’s defence, Godfrey saved well from Castle.  Old Wolverton towards the end kept Cosgrove practically on the defensive, but could not score and were attacking when the final whistle sounded.

The teams lined up as follows: Cosgrove St Peter’s: E. Kingston; C Gidman, G. Stewart; F Barby, J Prisley, W Odell; R. Giles, W Birdey, T Castle, S Bushell, S Eglesfield.

Old Wolverton Trinity: A. Godfrey; A Pooley, D Kemp; R Keightley, W Bull, W Axby; S Goodridge, S. Coles, S Whitehead, J Eales, R Tucker.

Mr F Cope, Wolverton, had charge of the game.

Wolverton Express 4th November, 1927

Buckingham Hospital Cup

Paulerspury 2 Cosgrove 1

Cosgrove visited Paulerspury in the Buckingham Hospital Cup on Saturday last, and won by the odd goal of five. Their success was all the more creditable seeing that they played six reserves, and the football they put up should carry them well into the competition.  The home team started off strongly, and the visitors’ defence had a busy time, Johnson being called upon to save several hot shots.  Paulerspury secured their first goal after ten minutes’ play, and continued to have the better of exchanges up to half time.  L. Giles and Bushell played well in the visitors’ defence in preventing the visitors from scoring further goals before the interval.  Cosgrove improved in the second half and was soon in the picture.  Gascoyne equalised when the first time which well beat the goalie.  Both of the Cosgrove wingers were playing well and from a centre by Eglesfield, Gascoigne scored a second goal.  The visitors, continuing to dominate play, went further ahead by Gascoyne completing his hat trick.  Just before the final whistle Paulerspury had a breakaway, from which they gained a corner.  From the flag kick Bushell, in endeavouring to clear, headed through his own goal.

Cosgrove were represented by: T. Johnson; L. Giles and T Bushell; M Knight, T. Cummings and F Barby; T Eglesfield, S Bushell, E Gascoyne, W Luck, and R. Giles.

Wolverton Express 27th January, 1928

Cosgrove 4, Wicken 3.

On Saturday last week Wicken visited Cosgrove, who were of the opinion that they were going to have an easy victory, and were anxious to atone for the surprise they received when they visited Wicken earlier in the season.  Cosgrove won the toss and kicked with the wind, which was blowing rather fresh.  After ten minutes play the home team scored the first goal.  At two minutes to half time the score still stood at 1 - 0, but when the whistle blew it was 3 - 0 in favour of the home team.  Cosgrove again scored in the second half, but Wicken were having much more of the play, and the home team looked like being easy winners by 4 goals to nil, but the final score was 4 - 3.  A Tapp, K. Holloway, and H Russell scored in the last six minutes.

Wolverton Express 17th February, 1928

North Bucks League

Cosgrove St Peter’s 7, Fenny Stars 1.

Cosgrove were at home to Fenny Stars on Saturday and were easy winners by seven goals to one.  In the first half Fenny had the advantage of a strong breeze, but play was more of an even character although the visitors school scored before the interval arrived and they led by that goal upon change of ends.  Upon resuming the game changed considerably and the villagers took complete charge and found the net on seven occasions through W. Birdsey and M Knight two each, G. Stewart, S Bushell, and Luck.

Wolverton Express 9th March, 1928

North Bucks League

The monthly meeting of the North Bucks League was held on Thursday evening at the Craufurd Arms Hotel, Wolverton, Mr. J W Gee presiding, supported by Lt Col L C Hawkins J P (president), Mr R. Williams (vice-chair), Mr. J E Harding and Mr. A J Emerton (joint hon secs).  Fenny Stars were fined 10/6 for non-fulfilment of fixture at Wicken on Jan 17th and ordered to pay 3/- expenses to Wicken in respect of this. The match has been rearranged for 14 April.  A claim by Emberton for 10/- travelling expenses against Fenny Stars in respect of the postponed fixture on 31st Dec, it was decided it should be met by the League.  Claims by Buckingham Town, Stantonbury St Peter’s and Winslow United, against Bletchley Minors; and by Wicken, Cosgrove St Peter’s, and Stoke Goldington against Sherington, who have withdrawn from the League, were considered and allowed.

Wolverton Express 30th March, 1928

Cosgrove St Peter’s maintained their lead of the North Bucks League by a 3 - 2 win at Winslow while Buckingham are still gathering points, a further two being added to their record at Emberton on Saturday by a score of 4 - 2.  Stoke Goldington appear to have struck a bad patch of late and on Saturday at Wicken they were again defeated. Wicken played a good game and won by the odd goal of three.

Wolverton Express 25th May, 1928

North Bucks Football League

Presentation of Football Cup and Medals

The Championship Cup of the North Bucks and District Football League was presented to the champions of the League of the past season, Cosgrove St Peter’s, at a special meeting of the League held at the Craufurd Arms Hotel, Wolverton on Thursday evening last.  Lieutenant-Colonel Hawkins JP CC, the president of the League, was in the chair, and other officials present were Messrs. W Gee (Chairman), A R Williams (vice chairman), J E Harding and A J Emerton (joint Hon Secretaries).

The president said it was usual to present the cup at a match between the champions and runners up, but owing to the lateness of the completion of the League programme, partly due to the bad weather, the match could not be arranged.  It was rather a “hole and corner” way to send a cup to the winners so it was decided to present the trophy at that meeting.  He congratulated Cosgrove St Peter’s upon winning after such a strenuous competition.  Three clubs were extraordinarily close and it was not until the last game that the cup was won, and then it even became necessary to have an extra match to decide who should take the runners up medals.  He understood that Cosgrove won the League in the first year it was instituted and in that year the League had no cup to give them.  This was the second time Cosgrove had won the cup, whilst they were once divisional champions.  Should the First Division of the League be reconstituted for next season he hoped that Cosgrove and one or two other leading Division II clubs might see their way to enter it.

Lieutenant-Colonel Hawkins presented the cup to Mr. Knight, the captain of the winning team, and to him he also handed the championship medals in bulk.  He added that he was sorry that the runners up medals were not available for presenting to Buckingham that evening as the medals had been forwarded to that club at their desire.  Whilst he did not quite agree with this method of procedure as regards the metals, he congratulated Buckingham Town on attaining the runners up position.

Mr. Knight, upon receiving the cup, said that confident Cosgrove had had to fight hard to win the cup and the other clubs in the League had given them excellent games.  He complimented Emberton on their pluck in remaining in the League the whole of the season without a win.  Some other clubs had withdrawn because they found they could not win many matches.  He concluded by proposing thanks to Col. Hawkins for presenting the cup.  He also wished the League a successful season next year and a strong competition which was needed at the present time.

Mr. Parker on behalf of the Buckingham Club seconded the vote and also congratulated Cosgrove on their success.

The Cup was afterwards filled by the President and handed round the company present.

Mr. W Gee remarked that Cosgrove entered the League when it first started and remained with the League since.

Mr. R Williams referred to his own experiences with Cosgrove matches many years ago as a referee.  He remarked that Cosgrove had made a mistake that evening in not bringing their Secretary with them.

Mr. J E Harding complimented Cosgrove on the excellent sporting spirit they had shown in remaining with the League since it was formed in 1911.

Mr. A J Emerton wish the Cosgrove Club another successful season next year.

Congratulations to Cosgrove and Buckingham were also extended by the following Club representatives: Mr. O Mills (Stantonbury St Peter’s), Mr. A E Atterbury (Old Wolverton Trinity), Mr. A Barby (Wicken), Mr. C G Derby (Stoke Goldington), and Mr. Wright (Emberton).

Mr. Atterbury voiced thanks to Col Hawkins for the keen interest he had displayed in the League.

The cup was publicly presented to the Cosgrove St Peter’s Football Club at a victory dance held in the New Schools, Cosgrove, on Saturday evening.  Mrs. Atkinson, the president of the club, made the presentation and was supported by Captain P Y Atkinson and Miss Gune Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. R Whiting, Mrs. I Knight (Hon Secretary), and Mr H. Johnson (Chairman of the Club and Treasurer).  The latter cordially welcomed Mrs. Atkinson, of Cosgrove Priory, who he said was such a keen supporter and helper of their club.  Like all other clubs, Cosgrove had had its ups and downs but by pulling together they had achieved success.  He appealed to the players to remain loyal to the club so that success would again attend the club next season so that the cup might remain in the village for another year.

Mr. C Knight, the captain of the team, received the cup from Mrs. Atkinson and also his medal, and other players to receive medals were: F. Johnson (goal) C. Giles, C Gidman, and G Stewart (backs), A Barby, W Luck, and S Bushell (half backs), R. Giles, F Wain, S Eglesfield, and H Cook (forwards).

Wolverton Express 21st September, 1928

Paulerspury 2, Cosgrove St Peter’s 3

Cosgrove St Peter’s, the champions of the North Bucks League, opened their season on Saturday last at Paulerspury, where they were fortunate to win by the odd goal of 5, for it was only with the last kick of the game that Cook registered the winning goal.  All the other scoring took place in the first half.  Eglesfield found the net for Cosgrove with a good drive from the left wing quite early in the game and Cook increased the lead before Paulerspury equalised with two goals before the change of ends.  Play throughout was very keen and sporting. This was Paulerspury second game in the league, and their first defeat.

Wolverton Express 12th October, 1928

North Bucks League

Stony Stratford 3 Cosgrove St Peter’s 6

Stoney Stratford Reserves played their first home game in this League on Saturday last, when they had Cosgrove St Peter’s as visitors.  Their opponents, who were the stronger represented, were also the heavier team.  Cosgrove opened the scoring after 3 minutes play and speedily added a second goal.  Stratford reduced the lead through G. Henson, but Cosgrove went further ahead before the interval when the score stood at 3 - 1 for the visitors.  Early in the second half Bonham reduced the lead from a penalty, but Cosgrove netted two goals, and although Stratford again reduced the margin, this time through Coles, they could not prevent Cosgrove scoring again before the final whistle.

Wolverton Express 9th November, 1928

North Bucks League

Bletchley MPD 5 Cosgrove St Peter’s 0

The Bletchley Railwaymen had Cosgrove St Peter’s as visitors on Saturday last and had the easiest game of the season so far, and also the easiest win.  Cosgrove were very disappointing and never gave the Bletchley goalkeeper one difficult shot to deal with.  The Cosgrove goalie played a fine game and saved his side from a much heavier defeat, and also stopped a penalty kick taken by Foster.  The Bletchley team had a sound defence which continually held up the visiting forwards, whilst the home defence combined well.  If the team can only keep together the club will be in for a very successful season.  The scorers for the winners were Scobie 2, Dell, Rogers, and Foster.

Wolverton Express 11th January, 1929

Cosgrave St Peter’s 4, Buckingham 3.

Buckingham Town visited Cosgrove in the North Bucks League on Saturday last, and the villagers were successful by the odd goal of seven.  The first half was evenly contested, the teams sharing two goals at the interval.  The second half went in favour of the home side, who settled three times to Buckingham’s twice.  The scorers for the winners were ATompkins, S Bushell, I Dunkley, and M Knight.

Wolverton Express 8th March, 1929

North Buckinghamshire League

Newport Town 2, Cosgrove St Peter’s 5

This match took place at Newport Pagnell on Saturday last and the visitors won easily by five goals to two.  The first half of the game was contested fairly evenly and after 30 minutes Dunkley opened the school for Cosgrove, who led at the interval by the only goal scored.  Two minutes after the resumption, Dunkley again found the net and night added a third.  Newport played up strongly and were awarded a penalty and from the spot kick reduced the visitors’ lead.  Stewart made the game practically safe for Cosgrove by taking the score to 4 - 1, but W. Hobbs further reduced the lead.  Before the end Knight again found the net to complete the scoring.  Mr. F Cope of Wolverton very ably managed the game.

Cosgrove were represented by: F. Johnson; A. Giles and C. Gidman; W Luck, G. Stewart and S Bushell; R. Giles, I Dunkley, M Knight, A. Tompkins, and S. Giles.

Wolverton Express 15th March, 1929

North Bucks League

Cosgrove 1 Potterspury 2

This local “derby” between the above Northamptonshire village teams took place at Cosgrove on Saturday last and the home side lost by the odd goal of three.  The game opened in favour of Cosgrove and Knight put them ahead after ten minutes.  Potterspury attacked strongly and quickly equalised, Wootton being the marksman. The interval arrived with the teams sharing two goals.

During the second half the home side attacked strongly, but Potterspury in the attack took advantage of a mistake made by the home custodian and Holloway gave them the lead after 15 minutes. Cosgrove pressed hotly for the equaliser, but the visitors’ defence played strongly.  In the concluding 5 minutes the home team made a bold bid for a share of the points, flowering several: corners.  A good sporting and clean game ended in a win for Potterspury by two goals to one.  Russell at centre half for Potterspury played an excellent game and was responsible for holding the home forwards.  Mr. R Castle, Stony Stratford, ably controlled the game.

Wolverton Express 29th March, 1929

Cosgrove St Peter’s 5 Newport Town 2

These teams met at Cosgrove on Saturday last, the Peter’s winning handsomely by five goals to two.  It was a team game with two teams very evenly matched.  Newport missed many scoring chances and up to the last ten minutes of the game were only one goal in arrears.  Cosgrove twice found the net in the closing stages.

Wolverton Express 12th April 1929

North Bucks League

Buckingham Town 2 Cosgrove St Peter’s 3

The above match was contested at Buckingham on Saturday last and the results had a considerable bearing on the championship on the North Bucks League.  Buckingham were playing their last home league game and required but one point to make certain of the championship honours, whilst Cosgrove, who were their nearest challengers required both points to have a chance of winning the League.  The results went in favour of Cosgrove and if they are successful at the Red Bridge Field against Stantonbury St Peter’s tomorrow (Saturday) the championship honours will have to be decided by Buckingham and Cosgrove again meeting, this time on neutral ground.

The game on Saturday was witnessed by a good number of spectators and Cosgrove fielded a strong team.  Buckingham, who won the toss had a slight breeze and the sun in their favour.  Both teams played strongly and Cosgrove opened the scoring after ten minutes through Birdsey, following good work by Fiddler.  The visitors had the better of subsequent play, but Buckingham equalised from a penalty kick taken by Hitchcock, Stewart having handled the ball.  Play ruled fast and at the interval the teams shared two goals.  Upon resuming Cosgrove pressed and quickly took the lead when a shot from R. Giles went into the net off the defendant.  Shortly afterward Buckingham again equalised, Hitchcock registering with a good shot from the wing.  Cosgrove was afterwards awarded a penalty, Eglesfield having been fouled, but Stewart sent badly by the post, but Cosgrove were made amends when Fiddler secured the winning goal ten minutes from the end.  The closing stages were fought out very keenly, but the Cosgrove defence held out.  Cosgrove well deserved the win they thus secured.

The teams were:

Cosgrove: F. Johnson; C Gidman and A. Giles; C Knight, G. Stewart, and S Bushell; R. Giles, W Birdsey, J. Fiddler, A. Tompkins, and S Eglesfield.

Buckingham: G. Wesley; W Gunthorp and F Stalye; Thomas, F. Jones, and W Isham; H Livingstone, S. Carder, P. Dolman, R Smith, and P. Hitchcock.

Mr W. Beckett, Bletchley, was the referee.

Wolverton Express 26th April, 1929

North Bucks League

Bletchley MPD 8 Cosgrove St Peter’s 0

Bletchley MPD met Cosgrove St Peter’s on Saturday on the Red Bridge Field, New Bradwell, to play off one of the games necessary to decide the runners up position of the League.  Both teams were below full strength, and the Railwaymen ran out winners by 8 goals to nil by scoring four goals in each half of the game.  Foster netted four times and the other scorers were: Reed, Hartley, Dell, and Willis, the latter from a penalty.  Bletchley MPD now meet Bow Brickhill on Saturday on the Bletchley Sports Club ground.