Nightingale Furtho

The Furtho family owned both the Furtho estate and a large house in Cosgrove – possibly on the site of Cosgrove Hall. Edward Furtho restored the Furtho property but not necessarily the Manor House when he inherited in 1619.

When Edward died in 1621 he had only two daughters. Nightingale inherited his land at Cosgrove, as well as Knotwood, and married Samuel Maunsell. They settled at Cosgrove, but Samuel died in 1632.

Nightingale married a second time, a lucrative match in Francis Longueville, from the wealthy Wolverton family, and we believe they built a new farmhouse on the Hall site in 1652.

Nightingale had both Mansel and Longueville Mansel descendants, mainly military and Church men.

She is reputed at some time to have written to Charles II to request a reduction of taxes on the grounds of being a widow with ten children – this exaggeration has never been proved!