Marjorie Prisley

Leonard Eastman Prisley and his wife Marjorie lived at 3 New Buildings, in Main Street, Cosgrove, appearing in the Cosgrove Electoral Roll from November 1949. Later they rented Priory Cottage and in 1956 Marjorie and her two daughters, Eileen and Jane, moved to Green Farm.

Marjorie was known in the village for her military service. Her maiden name was Hufford - WAAF No. 450056. She had joined the WAAF at 17, then rejoined later and became a corporal. She did her initial training at Horsham St Faith where she met her husband.

She was posted to Bicester during the war with New Zealand Squadron 75 who flew Lancaster Bombers. She talked about the pilots performing the famous Haka whilst drunk, and said "the All Blacks rugby team are not a patch on them".

At Green Farm in 2009 Marjorie Prisley and her two daughters Jane and Eileen celebrated their anniversary of fifty years at Cosgrove.

Marjorie attended Remembrance Services, setting an example at Cosgrove for the remainder of her life, as did Captain P Y Atkinson, owner of Green Farm, in his role as leader of Cosgrove Home Guard and British Legion.