Elizabeth Brown

Born in 1871, Elizabeth Garrett married George Brown in 1899. He was the son of Jonah Brown, who built and ran the Barge Inn, on the canal at Cosgrove.

It appears that Elizabeth and George had no children of their own, but in 1912 a nephew, Frank, came to live at the Barge with the couple.

Elizabeth was amongst the Cosgrove Women who were first able to vote in 1919.

Elizabeth’s community spirit became legendary during the Second World War, when she raised funds, firstly for Northampton Hospital Fund and later for the serving men of Cosgrove. She held events at the Barge Inn, on the lawn, and her main targets were her pub clients!

Wolverton Express 16th January 1942

Thirty two men of the village of Cosgrove have been sent a gift of 10 shillings each through the kindly thought and work of Mr. and Mrs. Brown of the Barge, Cosgrove, who, with the help of customers of this house, raised the excellent sum of £16 for that purpose. Mr. Brown is a native of the village and has lived at the Barge all his life.  He and his wife have always taken an active interest in the welfare of the village.

Mrs Brown’s Christmas gifts, of money up to £1 each, continued to be sent to Cosgrove’s enlisted men, for the duration of the war, despite the death of George in 1942. Elizabeth applied to take over the pub licence and continued to run the Barge on her own. Whist drives and raffles were particularly popular.

At her death in October 1945, Elizabeth was one of Cosgrove’s best known residents, having lived at the Barge for 47 years.

Wolverton Express 12th October 1945

Funeral of Cosgrove Resident – Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, Barge Inn

Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, widow of Mr. George Brown, a former licensee of the Barge Inn Cosgrove, was buried on Saturday last.  Deceased lady died at that well-known inn situate by the side of the Grand Union Canal on the previous Tuesday, at the age of 74, after 47 years residence in that licensed house.  Mrs. Brown had held the licence since her husband’s death three years ago.

Of the happy disposition, she was held in affection by all with whom she came in contact, and was well known for her generosity by hundreds of anglers are used to spend weekends fishing the waters in the village.  A staunch hospital worker, her efforts for the Northampton General Hospital have taken place for many years.  Mrs. Brown was a regular worshipper at the Cosgrove mission hall, and on Sunday last at the mission, Mr. H Greenwood, Deanshanger, paid a fitting tribute to her life and character.  The hymn “Peace, perfect peace” was sung.

Back row: Sid Eglesfield, ?, ?, Olive Johnson, ?, ?, Doris Hill, Joan Eglesfield, Louie Hill, ?, ?, ... Eglesfield

Seated: Farmer Amos?, Mrs. Eglesfield

Front Row: Mrs. Doll Hebson, George Hill?

Many mourners

The Cosgrove Parish Church of SS Peter and Paul held many mourners and sympathisers on Saturday.  The Rev. A Woodhouse Rector of Passenham conducted the service.  The hymns “Rock of Ages” and “Jesu lover of my soul” were feelingly sung, Mrs. Feil being the organist.

Mourners present were: Mrs. Galvinoni of London, Mrs. Cova of Bristol, and Mr. and Mrs. Cawthorne of Stoke Goldington (sisters and brother-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. W. Garratt of Bradwell, Mr J. Garrett of Bedford, Mr. G Garratt of Beachampton, and Mr T. Garratt of Stoke Goldington (Brothers and sisters in law), Mr. S Eglesfield, Mr. and Mrs. C Eglesfield of Stony Stratford, Mr. Ted Eglesfield of Stony Stratford, Mr. and Mrs. A Eglesfield of Wolverton, Mr. F Brown of Aldershot, Mr. and Mrs. F Brown of Northampton, Mr. and Mrs. C Hill, Mr. L Hill, Mr. F Hill of Cosgrove, Mr A. Cadd, of Coventry, Mr. and Mrs. J Hebson, Mrs. J. Johnson and Mrs. T Kightley, Mrs. D. Giddings, Miss M Eglesfield of Northampton, and Mrs. J Brown, of Castlethorpe (nephews and nieces), Mrs. Eglesfield of Cosgrove, and Mrs. H Garratt of Hanslope (sisters in law), and Mr. J Brown (brother-in-law).

Amongst those present in the church were: Miss Baines, of New Bradwell; Mrs. Beale of London; Mr. and Mrs. Gray of Castlethorpe; Mr. and Mrs. G H Winterbottom; Mrs. P Y Atkinson (also represented captain P Y Atkinson JP); Mrs. Nicholls, Miss Wells, Miss Balfour, Miss Wake, Mrs. C R Whiting, Mr. A Tack and Mrs. Noble, representing the Hospital Committee and also the majority of the members of the Women’s Institute, of which deceased was one of the oldest members.

Over Sixty Wreaths

Over 60 floral tributes were received and they were from: Sid; Doris and Charlie; Barge customers; Miss Balfour and Miss Wells; Rodney, Patrick, and Ivor Hickford; Mr. and Mrs. Goodridge, and children; Flo; Alice, Michael, John and Mr. and Mrs. Elderton; Sid Amer; Oliver and Jack; Mr. and Mrs. And Miss Brassington; Edie and Marjorie; Mrs. F. Hillyer and Mrs. G. Williams; Mrs. Cadd and Marion (Wolverton); Doll, Jack, Rosemarie and twins; Captain G H Feil MC; Mim; Annie, Maria, Liza and Rosetta; June and Audrey; Ted, Vera and Lizzie;

Mary, Grace, Gune and Philip Atkinson; Cosgrove Women’s Institute; friends at Chislehurst Kent; Mr. and Mrs. Monk; Mr. and Mrs. Winterbottom; Arthur, Dot and Sheila (Coventry); Mrs. Rivers; Chirp, Win and family; Jack, Joan, Tom and Wag; Nellie and Arthur (Wolverton); Alf Meakins Beachampton; Nellie Jim and Brian (Stony Stratford); Nora, Don and family (Northampton); Fred, Fin and family (Northampton); Jack and family; Rose and family; Ruby and Net; Mrs. Knight; Agnes and Mrs. Dilky; Rose and family (Aldershot); Brother George; Mr. and Mrs. Bushell, and family, and Ted; Pat and Pauline Bushell; F Barby; Mrs. F. Williams; past and present members of Football Club; George, Millie, and family (Potterspury); Hospital Committee; Mrs Baines, Ada, Betty and Mildred (New Bradwell); Little Mary; Anna, Will, Edith and family (New Bradwell); Jack and Lottie (Castlethorpe); Dorrie, Joe, Lou, and Mary (London); Tom and Lottie; Clara, Jack, Ruby and family; Herbert and Minnie; J Brown and family (Cosgrove); Louie and Francis; Miss Wake; friends at Northampton.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. J S. Cowley and Sons 71 High St, Stony Stratford.