Cosgrove Variety Show 1973

Wolverton Express 9th March 1973

COSGROVE’S Variety Show on Friday was voted a great success by the audience who called for several encores during the perfomance, and whose obvious enjoyment was reflected by the £31 raised for Victory Hall funds.

The show began with a lively dance by the Diddymen, Julie Holman, Debbie Moore, Trudi Higgs and Denise Taylor. David Smith, as “Doddy” also made an excellent compere.

Eight-year-old Tanya Moseley followed with a tapdance, a polished performance on a pocket handkerchief sized stage.

Mrs. Phyllis Holman turned the audience’s thoughts to holidays with a Seaside Monologue, and the WI group of Gloria Alderman, Susan Richards, Kath Gordon, Pat Fowlds, Molly Kightley and Marianne Markham echoed the theme with a Victorian costume sketch of songs, recitation and a sand-dance to “The Sheik of Araby.”

The Osmond Brothers, Peter Moreton, Andrew Gordon, Neil and Martin Stephenson sang “You’re my long-haired lover from Liverpool”, and then four ladies from the Keep Fit group, Gloria Hickford, Margaret Wilkins, Cynthia Smith and Mavis Hudson demonstrated how graceful exercise can be.

Phyllis Holman and Rose Ridge sang Bud Flanagan songs, and then five boys from the Primary School, Stuart Forrester, Martin Stephenson, David Moore, Andrew Gordon and Adrian Moseley gave a hilarious performance of Tschaikowsky’s “Dance of the Little Swans,” complete with football boots and mothers’ wigs.

The first half ended with the singing of “Amazing Grace” by Julie Holman, Debbie Moore and Denise Taylor accompanied by Trudi Higgs playing the recorder.

During the interval refreshments were served by the Playgroup mothers and a basket of fruit was raffled: The winner was Mrs. Hillyer.

The audience then settled down to watch “The Star Dusters”, a comedy about six cleaning ladies, played by Clive Lambert, Elsie Chown. Rose Ridge, Molly Kightley, Pat Shervington and Phylis Holman.

Susan Richards, Kath Gordon, Gloria Alderman and Molly Kightley then appeared in costume and sang a trio of EIiabethan songs. They were disappointed that Mrs. Dora Clarke, who normally accompanies them on the spinet was prevented by family illness from appearing. After a song by “Hairy Mopkins” (Phyllis Holman), the audience was invited to join the whole cast in singing old and new favourites, Mr. Jim Barnes was the pianist.

Julie Holman closed the show with a realistic Janet Webb-type ending.