Cosgrove Flower Show 1904

The annual show of the Cosgrove Horticultural Society was held in the grounds of Cosgrove Hall, the residence of Mr A Grant-Thorold, JP, on Saturday afternoon, in lovely weather. The show was undoubtedly the best which the society has yet held. The vegetables were exceptionally good, the fruit was excellent, and the flowers were, on the whole, good.

The feature of the show was the handsome array of flowers, fruit and vegetables from the gardens of Mr B Wentworth Vernon, JP, of Stoke Bruerne Park. This collection, which was a veritable flower show in itself, was arranged by Mr W Batchelor, Mr Vernon’s head gardener, who acted as one of the judges, and of course, it was not for competition. The flowers, especially the dahlias and sweet peas, were extremely fine, and the collection of delicate marguerite carnations, a sweetly scented double carnation, was much admired. Some black potatoes were a curiosity to most visitors. The fruit which Mr Vernon sent to the show was beyond reproach, and the vegetables were extremely good. Other exhibits not for competition were sent by Miss Capell, Passenham Rectory; Mrs E Watts, Hanslope Park; Mr A Grant-Thorold, Cosgrove Hall; Mr F D Bull, Cosgrove; Mr J J Atkinson, Cosgrove Priory; Mr G F Bransom, Cosgrove.

During the afternoon the show was fairly well attended. Among the visitors were Mr A Grant-Thorold (President of the Society), Captain Grant-Thorold, Rev Walter Plant, (Potterspury), Rev W L Harnett, Wolverton, Rev W J Harkness, Hanslope, Rev W B Rickards, Tiffield, Rev G M Capell, (Passenham), Rev A B Patten, (Whittlebury), Mrs Carlile, (Gayhurst), Miss Burrows, (Maids Moreton), Mrs and Miss Rumsey, (Calverton), Major Brougham, (Potterspury), Mr W Bairstow, JP, (Towcester), Mr T Byam Grounds JP, (Passenham), Mr W C Cooper, JP (Whittlebury), Mr E H Watts, JP and Mrs Watts (Hanslope), Mr J J Atkinson CC (Cosgrove), Mr F D Bull and Mrs Bull (Cosgrove), Mr K C Baily (Bradwell), Mr Fraser (Newport Pagnell). The Stony Stratford band played bright selections. The judges were :- Mr W Batchelor, gardener to Mr B Wentworth Vernon, JP, Stoke Bruerne, and Mr J Thomas, gardener to Lord Penrhyn, Wicken.

The awards were:

Cottagers’ Class – collection of vegetables: 1, D Merridan; 2, A Childs; 3, S Williams. Kidney Beans: 1, D Merridan; 2, G Wilson. Cabbages: 1, F Tack; 2, J Horn. Carrots: 1, J Nichols; 2, M Beasley. Celery: 1 S Williams; 2, T Luck. Spring Onions: 1, J Nichols; 2, D Merridan; 3, M Beasley. Winter onions: 1, D Merridan; 2, J Horn; 3, J Nichols. Cauliflower: 1, D Merridan; 2 J Nichols. Peas: 1, D Merridan; 2, S Williams. Parsnips: 1, J Nichols; 2, D Merridan. White round potatoes: 1, G Wilson; 2, D Merridan. Coloured round potatoes: 1 S Williams; 2, D Merridan. White turnips: 1, A Childs; 2, M Beasley. Marrows: 1, H Cutler, 2, D Merridan. Long beet: 1, J Nichols. Tomatoes: 2, T Luck. Lettuces: 2, D Merridan. Shallots: 1, D Merridan; 2, M Beasley. Plums: 1, W Atkins; 2, M Brown. Cooking apples: 1, W Clarke; 2, W Atkins. Asters: 1, G Wilson; 2, William Lovesey. Stocks: 1, A Childs; 2, S Williams. Dahlias: 1, A Chexfield; 2, M Clarke. Hardy flowers: 1, A Childs; 2, S Williams. 2, A Childs. Sweet peas: 1, A Childs; 2, S Williams. Pansies: 1, S Williams; 2, W Lovesey. Carnations: 1, S Williams. Bouquet: 1, S Williams; 2, A Childs.

Open Class: collection of vegetables: 1, J J Atkinson JP, Cosgrove Priory; 2, A Grant-Thorold JP, Cosgrove Hall; 3, Rev H Last, Stony Stratford. Cucumbers: 1, J J Atkinson. Tomatoes: 1 --- Clarke, Castlethorpe; 2, J J Atkinson. Marrows: 1, Rev Walter Plant, Potterspury; 2, Rev H