Cosgrove Red Cross Day 1916

Wolverton Express 20th October 1916

Held in the beautiful grounds of Cosgrove Priory, the seat of Mr and Mrs J Jepson Atkinson, the former popular County Councillor for Passenham Division of South Northants, and enjoyable and remunerative Red Cross Day was held. There was a very large attendance. Amongst those present were seen the Dowager Lady Temple, Miss Bayliss, Mrs Lucas, Miss Pouncefort Duncombe, Mr and Mrs Honston and Mrs H Honston (the latter was helping Miss Atkinson with her sweet stall), Mrs and Miss Guinness, Mrs Borrett, Miss V Maguire, Miss Capell, a large party from Towcester, including Mr and Mrs Linthwaite, Mrs Knight, Mrs Browning, Mrs Bywater (who kindly assisted with the arrangements), Miss Linnell and Mr Polman.

There was a good show of vegetables in the tent. The prizes of tobacco given by Mrs Atkinson were mostly returned by the winners as gifts to wounded soldiers. The exhibits were sent to the Northampton General Hospital. The prizewinners were Messrs Seymour, Swain and Childs. Among other attractions were four excellent half hour entertainments, two given by the “Pom Poms”, a charming concert party from Wolverton. The other two concerts were of a varied character, showing a great deal of local talent. Mrs Grant-Thorold and Miss Capell performed a scene from “Northanger Abbey”, which was very well done. Mrs Atkinson gave a beautiful rendering of “Who is Sylvia” (Shubert) on the harp, accompanied by Miss Gune Atkinson, who also sang. Mr Garratt opened the concert with pianoforte solos, and also accompanied. Sapper J O’Connor, who has a fine baritone voice, sang; and Lance-Corpl Jackson, cheered everyone with his funny humorous sketches.

Tea was provided by the Committee – Mrs Buttram, Mrs Jelley, Mrs Penson and Mrs Seymour. Much amusement was caused by the draw for a Leghorn hen, given and raffled for by Mrs Guinness and won by Mrs Atkinson. The proceeds amounted to £17 7s 3d.