Castlethorpe & Cosgrove Hospital Fete 1921

Castlethorpe & Cosgrove Hospital Fete 1922
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sold for the 1922 Fete

Castlethorpe & Cosgrove Hospital Fete 1922
The Bucks Standard August 27th 1921



Castlethorpe and Cosgrove combined in a laudable mission of mercy last Saturday, when the second fete to raise funds for the Northampton Hospital was held in the fields which adjoin the Navigation Inn, and proved an unqualified success. Last year the two villages contributed a cheque for £100 to the hospital, but on present occasion Mrs. Bavington, who was the moving spirit in promoting the fete, and also carried out the secretarial duties in a most able manner arranged a more ambitious programme, with the happy result that a sum of no less than £176 10s. 11½. was realised. The sum included a handsome donation of 320 from Mr. and Mrs. Agar (Cosgrove). £ 3. from Mr. Waydelin, £2 2s. from Mrs. Fergusson (Cosgrove Hall), £1 1s. from Mr. A. Masterman (Castlethorpe), £1 from Mr. H. Cook, 10s. from Mr. Anderson, and other generous contributions from residents in the two villages. Captain Fergusson was the president of the fete, and the vice-presidents were Messrs. R. Whiting (Cosgrove) and J. Whiting (Castlethorpe), Mr. Malcolm Jelly was chairman of the Cosgrove section and Mr. H. Dollings filled a like capacity at Castlethorpe. Mr. R. Bavington was treasurer of the fund.

A varied and interesting programme included a flower show, athletic sports, fishing competition (for which there were more than 200 entries), various side shows, an auction sale conducted by Mr. P. C. Gambell, of Newport Pagnell, and dancing in the evening. A number of young ladies from the two villages sold roses both on Friday and Saturday and paid £10 9s. 11. to the fund, and by the sale of scented cards £4 9s. 11d. was raised. There was a large attendance of the public gate receipts amounting to £12 8s. 9d. Mr. C. Harding, of Castlethorpe, gave his services as gatekeeper. Entries for the fishing tournament brought on £11 7s.

The fete was opened in a brief appropriate speech by Mrs. Fergusson, whose services were fittingly recognised by the presentation of a bouquet of choice flowers by little Miss Markham on behalf of Mrs. Bavington.
Mr. S. Williams was secretary of the flower show, and was assisted by the following committee; Messrs. G. Williams, -. Lord, T. Lord (Cosgrove), H. Maltby, H. Cook, F. Sawbridge and H. Bruce (Castlethorpe).

The prize winners were :

Kidney beans. 1 R. Pettifer 2 W. Wise
Carrots 1 S. Lord 2 G.F. Haynes
Celery 1 G. Haynes 2 J. Horn
Cauliflower 1 W. Wise 2 M. Carter
Peas W. Wise 2 F. Sawbridge
Marrows 1 H. S. Giles 2 J. Bearman
Shallots 1 F. Hall 2 R. Pettifer
Spring onions 1 G. Haynes 2 W. Wise
Autumn onions 1 W. Wise 2 A. Childs
Tomatoes 1 S. Lord
Potatoes white round 1 W. Wise 2 G. Haynes
Red round 1 W. Wise 2 R. Pettifer
White kidney 1 R. Pettifer 2 W. Williams (Whittlebury)
Red kidney 1 G. Haynes 2 G. Williams
Plums 1 R. Brown 2 W. Williams
Cooking apples 1 T. Lord 2 M.Carter
Dessert apples 1 T. Lord 2 T. Payne
Hardy flowers Mrs. S. Williams
Bouquet of flowers 1 Mrs. Childs 2 T. Lord
White eggs R. Brown
Brown eggs R. J. Stewart
Duck eggs Mrs. R. Bavington
Collection of vegetables, also onions W. Wise
Collection potatoes 1 J. Williams 2 A. Childs 3 R. Pettifer
Heaviest marrow H.S. Giles
Bouquet of wild flowers 1 Iris Lord 2 B. Panter, 3 Lizzie Williams
Highest aggregate W. Wise

The sports section under the direction of Messrs. R. Panter (secretary), A. Bavington, H. West (Castlethorpe). W. Wise, M. Beasley and Dicks (Cosgrove). The sports judges were Capt. Fergusson, Messrs. R. Whiting, W. Markham, W. Clarke, A. Masterman and Mr. J. Whiting carried out the duties of starter.

Sports prizewinners:

Under 10 girls 1 Violet Williams 2 Louise Gascoyne 3 Kitty Willison
Boys 1 B. Symons 2 F. Copson 3 A. Dolling
10 to 14 girls 1 Doris Willison 2 May Willison 3 Dorothy Jelley
Boys 1 W. Luck 2 A. Jelley 3 L. Dunkley
Ladies egg and spoon 1 Miss L. Jelley 2 Mrs. Stewart 3 Mrs. Spencer

Mr. C. Bywater (Castlethorpe) is deserving of hearty congratulation for the excellent arrangements he made for the fishing contest which took place in the waters of the Grand Junction Canal. His committee comprised Messrs. W. Ward, A. Beasley, A. Jelley, M. Carter and F. Key.

The competition established a record for the district. Altogether 182 fish were caught by six prize winners alone, making an average catch of 30 fish. The winning anglers were: - 1st prize, given by the Mayor of Northampton, W. Singlehurst, 2lb. 15¼ozs. (62 fish); 2nd pair of boots given by Mr. Oakshott, Done, 2lb. 1(illeg)ozs. (44 fish), 3rd. fishing rod given by Poole, F. Earl, 2lb. 10ozs. (13 fish), 4th, fishing bag, H. Bason, 2lb. 5ozs, (25 fish), 5th, bait bag, F. Jarrett 2lb. 2¼ozs. (26 fish), 6th, pipe and pouch, E. Tolley, 1lb. 13½ozs. (9 fish). The “lucky ticket,” No. 195, was drawn by Mrs. Waydelin on the field, and the prize of 15s. was won by Mr. H. Herbert of Cosgrove.

Various side shows were in charge of the following: Hidden treasure, Mr. R. Penson; ground skittles, Messrs. R. Brown, jun., and Egglesfield; table skittles, Messrs. H. Barby and J. Knight; coconuts, Messrs. R. Pettifer and M. Jelley.

A fruit and sweet stall was under the supervision of Mrs. Maltby and Misses Maltby; jumble stall in charge of Mrs. Harding and Mrs. Panter; bran tub, Miss I. Harding and Miss B. Panter; and splendid teas and refreshments were served by Mrs. Bavington, assisted by Miss Waydelin, Mrs. Pate, Mrs. Barby, Mrs. Beasley, Miss V. Harding, Miss P. Bavington, and Miss I. Maltby.

There were many competitions, including guess the name of the doll, worked by Miss Wise, guess the weight of cakes kindly given by Mrs. Jelley, Mrs. Childs and Mrs. Carter, and supervised by Mrs. Penson, Mrs. Copson and Mrs. Carter; guess the weight of the marrow, Mrs. Stewart; Mrs. Knight sold artificial roses, and flowers were sold by Mrs. Copson.

The auction sale proved a big success. Among the gifts were a ton of clover given by Mr. W. W. Dickens (Old Stratford) which realised £10; a ton of coal given by Messrs. J. K. and B. W. Gobbey (Castlethorpe), £3 10s.; a lamb given by Capt. Fergusson, £4; a calf given by Mr. Whiting, £6, a ton of coal given by Mr. John Hall (Stony Stratford), £3 8s 6d. and poultry given by Messrs. B. Nicholls, F. Amos, Carter, Pettifer, Bonner, Ratledge, Harding and W. Clarke. A bag of soot given by Mr. Nicholls (Yardley Gobion) realised 5s. The Auction sale realised £54 10s. 6.

Other amounts paid in addition to those mentioned were: - Hidden treasure £3 10s.; table skittles, £2 19s.; ground skittles, £3 0s. 6d.; paper roses, 16s. 2d.; fortune doll, 19s. 7½d.; cakes, £2 13s. 10½d.; guessing doll’s name £1 17s. 3d.; guessing weight of marrow, £1 11s. 11d.; fruit and sweet stall, £5; jumble sale, £3 7s. 7½d.; teas, 311 12s. 8d.; bran tub, £1 7s.; coconuts £7 1s. 3d.; flower show entries £1 7s. 6d.; prizes won and returned £1 2s.

During the afternoon the Stony Stratford Boy Scouts, under Scoutmaster T. Dicks, gave a very clever display.

The fete was finely organised and Mrs. Bavington and her committee are to be congratulated on the splendid financial success which attended their labours for a good cause. With other events they have yet to be brought off the committee feel confident that the contribution of the two villages to the hospital this year will be quite £200.

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