Cosgrove - Fancy Dress Dance 1932 -33

Wolverton Express 23rd March, 1932


For Hospital Funds

A successful and fancy dress dance was held by the Hospital Week Fund on Friday evening, when about 140 people were present, many in fancy dress, which were ably judged for awards by Mrs. W W Dickens, Mrs. J. Adams, Mrs. R C Whiting, Mr. Dickens, and Mr J. Adams Jr..  The prize winners were: Ladies, 1 Mrs. Norman (Seaforth Highlander), 2 Miss Jessie Gould (Nautch Girl); gentlemen, 1 Mr. C Hill (Charlie and his kid), 2 Mr W. Ratcliffe (the Hiker); Girls 1 Gwen Jelley (Bo Beep), 2 Eileen Evans (the coster), 3 Marion Freestone (Teddy bear); Boys1 Harry Cummings (the scarecrow), 2 Howard Smith (Harlequin), 3 Louis Hill (Charlie’s kid); Tiny Tots, 1 Cynthia Tompkins (Newspaper girl), 2 Gladys Loughrey (the House that Jack built), 3 Georgie Hill (the Jockey), 4 Billy Taylor (Lily of the Valley).  The Melody Maker’s Band provided the dance music.  Refreshments were served by Mesdames G Brown, A Bushell, G Noble, T. Cummings, and Gascoyne, whilst the duties of stewards were carried out by Messrs. S. Williams, T. Cummings, and F Hall.  The sum of £6/14/0 was realized.

Wolverton Express 31st March 1933


A fancy dress dance was held on Friday in aid of hospital funds and of about 90 people present, there were many in fancy costumes. A parade of these competitors was judged by Mrs. Atkinson, of Cosgrove Priory and Misses M. Atkinson and G. Atkinson, of Paulerspury house. By skilful discrimination they gave their awards as follows:

Tiny Tots, Gladys Loughrey (Goodnight); girls, Rita Meakins (Nippy), Dorothy Markham (Golliwog), Marjory Brown (Italian gipsy); boys, Harry Cummings (scarecrow); ladies, Mrs. E. King (guardsman), Mrs F. Hillyer, Jr., (Scarecrow); gentleman, Jack Eglesfield (Spring cleaning), Mr. P. Swain (one o’clock in the morning). The prizes were distributed by Miss M. Atkinson. Mr S. Williams, on behalf of the Hospital Week Committee, thanked the ladies for their invaluable assistance and all others for their support, without which the work of the hospital could not be carried on. Miss M. Atkinson replied and spoke of the difficulties experienced in awarding the prizes in view of the splendid makeups. She felt sure that many hours of labour must have been spent in their design, and hoped that too much disappointment was not felt by the other competitors who did not receive awards. Mesdames Brown, Noble, Cummings, Gascoyne, and Herbert were at the buffet, and duties of door stewards were carried out by Messrs. T. Cummings, F. Hall, and S. Williams. The amount cleared was £2 14s 2d. This ended the dance season and brought the total raised for the year to £40.

Left to right: Roslyn Jolly & Margery Brown (Italian gipsy)

Wolverton Express 12th May, 1933

New Hospital Scheme at Cosgrove

In recent years the Cosgrove Hospital committee, through its inhabitants, have raised for the Northampton general hospital about £40 annually by the holding of concerts, dances, flower shows, fetes, fishing competitions, etc., all of which have entailed a considerable amount of hard work.  At their annual meeting on 4th May the Committee unanimously decided to put into operation the voluntary contributory scheme, which is already working with smoothness in about 25 Northants villages.  As a result of the scheme all the functions previously held will be discontinued, and the inhabitants will be asked to make a weekly voluntary contribution.  Already no fewer than one hundred and fifty persons have signified their willingness to subscribe in this way, and it is confidently expected by the Committee that no difficulty will be experienced in raising by this means, together with the usual donations, the £40 that has hitherto been raised.

The new scheme does not require much expense being incurred, if any at all, and thus the Committee will not have to raise £10 to £20 to meet their usual annual liabilities.

Last year’s committee of sixteen members was re-elected, and a number of them will act as collectors.  Mr S. Williams (chairman) and Mr. A Tack (Hon Secretary) were also re-elected.

It was reported at this meeting that as the result of the annual egg collection held the previous week for the fourth year, a total of 638 eggs were sent to the institution, and those responsible for this collection were Miss Joan Higgins, Mrs. G Noble, and Mrs. A Tack.

Wolverton Express 9th March, 1934

Hospital Week Fund

The annual general meeting of the Cosgrove Hospital Week Fund was held in the Mission Hall on Wednesday, with Mr S. Williams as chairman.  It was reported that the contributory scheme of a minimum of one penny per week had been much more satisfactory in raising money for the hospital and from its inauguration in April to 31st December, 1933 a greater net receipt was shown than for the previous year.  With donations the amount raised was £45.  The result is a tribute to the work of the ladies of the Committee, who collect the contributions weekly.

And a letter received from Mr. Charles H Battle, Secretary of the Northamptonshire Hospital Week Fund, expressed appreciation to the Committee and all who had given support during the year for the Northampton General Hospital.  The officers and Committee were elected for the ensuing year.