Primary School Fete 1976

Wolverton Express 9th July 1976

These "buttercups and daises", entertained with country dances at Cosgrove Primary School fete last Saturday - an event which raised £110 for school funds.

There was the customary procession round the village led by the fete queen, Tanya Moseley, and her attendants Robert Ford, Alan Hickford, Christopher Gee, Andrew Morton, Rebecca Luke and Lorraine Beechey.

Valerie Ford was the "girl in the garden picking daisies" in the country dancing with Richard Clark as the sun. The programme included the traditional Maypole dance.

The New City Model Club organised train rides. There were donkey and pony rides on animals supplied by Mrs Alderman and Mrs. Snelson.

One way children and their parents found to keep cool was to visit one of the classrooms where Mr Chris Covington of Yadley Gobion gave a marionette show, in the area before dashing off to Blackpool for the summer season there.
The was a dance at the Victory Hall in the evening.