Cosgrove Fete - May 1967

Diane Hill as Rose Queen at Cosgrove School aged about 10.
Back row L-R: Sandra Wallington, Mrs. P.Y. Atkinson, Mrs. Jelley, Vivienne Lovesey
Front Row L-R: Trevor Wallington, Diane Hill, Leroy Hart

Cosgrove Primary School

Wolverton Express 12 May 1967

Fete May 1967

Cosgrove pupil’s May-time

Pupils of the Cosgrove Primary School organised their own May-time celebrations last Saturday to raise money for their annual outing to Dudley Zoo.

For the first time the children had their own May Queen, eleven-year-old Diane Hill, a special crowning ceremony, country and maypole dancing, side-shows, stalls and refreshments.

The event began with a parade round the village with the Queen and her attendants on a lorry and the rest of the schoolchildren in fancy dress on a trailer drawn by a tractor.

Afterwards Diane was crowned by Mrs. P. Y. Atkinson whose husband is a school governor. Mrs. Atkinson also judged the fancy dress, helped by Mrs. M. Jelley, chairman of the school governors.

In our picture Mrs. Atkinson crowns Diane, watched by Mrs. Jelley and four young attendants, Sandra Wallington, and Vivienne Lovesy, Trevor Wallington and Leroy Hart.

Every child in the school (there are 36 on the roll), plus one or two younger children took part in the fancy dress.

Winners were: 1 Alan Cowan (tramp), 2 Mandy Hitchcock (flower girl), 3 Colin Kightley (Lord Nelson). Consolation prizes were given to Adrian Moseley, Mandy Gordon, Reggie Bailey, and Robert Wray, Jill Richardson and Robert Smith.

The two teachers at the school, Mrs. G. Stopps the headmistress, and Mrs. N. Horton, the infant class teacher, made the arrangements. When it was all over the children had raised £27 7s 2d. for their outing which is on May 26.

Roy Shervington (cowboy), Colin Kightley (Lord Nelson)

The Maypole Dancers