Cosgrove Carnival 1974

Geraldine Hardy, Carnival Queen, has a quiet chat with a few well known individuals at Cosgrove carnival and fete.

Wolverton Express July 12th 1974

The Wombles wobble into Cosgrove

The Wombles strayed from Wimbledon Common on Saturday and made their way to Cosgrove to meet 10 year-old Carnival queen Geraldine Hardy.

Geraldine was queen at the village school fete held in the school grounds.

Earlier Geraldine, her attendants Petrina Waller, Jai.. Collins, Lucy Richards, Rachel Clarke, Valerie Ford and Mark Dando drove around the village by tractor.

Following behind on another farm vehicle were the wandering Wombles, Adrian Hickford, David Slaymaker, Neil Thompson, Robert Ford, Martin Stephenson, Mark Robinson and Timothy Hudson.

More than £130 was taken at the fete.

After the crowning the court was entertained by Maypole dancing. Folk dancing continued with Kalinka, a Russian dance and then Tanya Moseley performed a French national dance. Traditional American square dancing set the mood for a spirited Cowboy and Indian episode complete with Cavalry officer (Mervyn Alderman) and his lady (Angela Alderman) and an Indian brave and his squaw (Andrew and Clair Sansome) on horseback.

A complete change of mood was accomplished by the dancing of "My Mother said I Never Should PLay with Gypsies in the Wood", by Tanya Moseley, and the performance ended with the re-appearance of the Wombles.