Wolverton Express June 23rd 1911


The celebrations at this quiet little village were of a hearty character. The service at church at 2 o’clock was taken by the Rev M.R.Graham. Afterwards the rest of the day  was spent in the Home Close lent by Mr. H. Grant-Thorold J.P. where sports and other amusements were provided. The children were presented with mugs by the Committee who were as follows:

Mr. Grant-Thorold (Chairman), Messrs S. Williams, W. Clarke, F. Jelley, H. Smith, R. Morgan and E. Irons.

A meat tea was given to all the inhabitants, the ladies presiding being:

Mesdames F. Jelley, T. Jelley, W. Hurst, W. Lambert, Wilson, Mayes, W. Wise and Miss Clarke, with a large body of other helpers.

At dusk there was a pyrotechnic display, the fireworks being given by Colonel and Mrs Broadwood, who are staying at Cosgrove Hall.