Old Stratford & Cosgrove Scouts

Old Mail November 1978

Since I last wrote a report for 'The Old Mail', and improve the several things have been happening behind the scenes to try improve the Scouting activities for the lads.
On October 9th we had our Parents Evening which was well attended but alas did not produce sufficient numbers of new boys to even consider restarting the Cubs. This has a 'knock on' effect to the Scout Troop, and will, as time goes on, make it very difficult to keep the Ttroop, running.
It has also been found that Potterspury & Yardley Gobion Scouts have lots of Cubs and Scouts but alas only one very keen but inexperienced Cub Scout leader and no Scout leaders.
It has been agreed therfore, the best thing for the boys is to join the troops together.
PLEASE NOTE that the Cubs and Scouts will now be meeting at Potterspury Scout Headquarters on the following days and times.

Cub Scouts Wednesdays 7 - 8.30pm Contact Peter Simpkins
Scouts Tuesdays 7 - 9pm Contact Mike Phillips

On a different note, on Saturday 17th October, we entered a team in the District Incident Night Hike Challenge. The team consisted of Barry Goodman from Old Stratford, Johnathan Berry, Kieron Tanner and John Paul Hitchcock from Cosgrove and although they got cold and tired, put in a supreme effort and were placed third with 99½ points (the winners gained 108 points)