Cosgrove Horticultural Society

Wolverton Express 27th February 1903


The annual meeting of the Society was held on Saturday evening, Mr F Bull presiding. The balance sheet was presented and it is pleasing to state that there was a profit on last year’s show of £7, making a balance in hand of £10 4s. The gardening classes closed on Monday, but there is to be a practical demonstration and lecture on Saturday next.

Wolverton Express 9th September 1903


On Saturday the third annual exhibition of flowers, fruit and vegetables in connection with the Cosgrove Horticultural Society was held in the grounds of Cosgrove Hall, by kind permission of Mr A Grant-Thorold, JP. The show was quite equal to its two predecessors, and attracted a good number of entries. In all departments the display was very creditable, especially in the classes for flowers. There were several not-for-competition exhibits, chief among which was a much admired collection of foliage and flowering plants, cut flowers, fruit and vegetables, sent by Mr B Wentworth Vernon, of Stoke Bruerne Park, and effectively staged by Mr W Batchelor. His Grace the Duke of Grafton also sent a good collection of flowers and vegetables and Mr A Grant-Thorold showed two lovely bunches of grapes etc. The fine afternoon attracted a good number of visitors. Amongst those present were:

Mr A Grant-Thorold J.P. (president), Colonel Gordon, C.B., D.S.O., Mr J J Atkinson, C.C., Mr A Grant-Thorold, J.P., Mr F D Bull (vice-presidents), Miss Grant-Thorold, Mr Frank Grant-Thorold, Mrs Gordon, Mrs Fraser, Miss Atkinson, Sir Christopher and Lady Baines and the Misses Baines (Stoke Bruerne), Mr E H Watts, J.P., and Mrs Watts (Hanslope Park), Mrs Poore, Mr J M Knapp J.P., and Mrs Knapp (Linford Hall), the Rev walter Plant (Potterspury), the Rev Kightly Baily, Mr J Baily (Linford), Captain Wilson and Mrs Wilson (Preston Deanery), the Rev A W Annand and Captain Annand (Grafton Regis), the Rev A G St John Mildmay (Old Wolverton), the Rev G M Capell (Passenham), Mrs Andrews and the Misses Andrews (Wicken), Mr S R Rooke C.A. (Stony Stratford), Mr Angus Powell (Old Stratford), Mr G Roberts (Deanshanger) etc.

The Stony Stratford Town Prize Band, under the conductorship of Bandmaster T. Sharpe, was in attendance, and contributed excellent selections of music at intervals during the afternoon and played for dancing in the evening.

The judges were Mr R Johnson (gardener to the Duke of Grafton, Wakefield Lodge) and Mr W Batchelor (gardener to Mr B Wentworth Vernon, Stoke Bruerne Park). Their awards were as follows:

Cottagers Class – Vegetables: Collection of vegetables, 1. D Merriden, 2. S Williams, 3. A Childs. Kidney beans, 1. F Merriden, 2. F Tack. Cabbages, 1. W Atkins, 2. D Merriden. Carrots, 1. S Williams, 2. A Childs. Celery,  T. Luck, 2. F Toombs. Spring Onions, 1. J Horn, 2. D Merriden, 3. F Tack. Winter onions, 1. F Tack, 2. D Merriden, 3. J Horn. Cauliflowers, 1. T Luck. Peas, 1. J Horn, 2. D Merriden. Parsnips, 1. J Horn, 2. M Beasley. White round potatoes, 1. A Childs, 2. R Johnson. Coloured round potatoes, 1. A Childs, 2. J T Nicholls. White kidney potatoes, 1. J Horn, 2. A Childs. Coloured kidney potatoes, 1. D Merriden. White turnips, 1. R Johnson, 2. D Merriden. Vegetable Marrows, 1. S Williams, 2. F Toombs. Long Beet, 1. F Tack, 2. D Merriden. Round Beet, 2. D Merriden. Lettuce, 1. D Merriden. Shalots, 1. D Merriden, 2. J T Nicholls. Fruit – Plums, 1. G Faulkner, 2. M Beasley. Cooking apples, 1. G Wilson, 2. Mrs Burnell. Flowers – Asters, 1. S Williams, 2. A Childs. Stocks, 1. Miss Knight, 2. A Childs. Adhlias, 1. S Williams. Hardy Flowers, 1. S Williams, 2. Miss Knight. Sweet peas, 1. A Childs, 2. S Williams. Pansies, 1 G Clifton, 2. G Wilson. Bouquet of Flowers, 1. S Williams, 2. Miss Knight. Window plants, 1. W Atkins, 2. Mrs Faulkner.

Open Class – Vegetables: Collection of vegetables, 1. A Grant-Thorold, 2. J J Atkinson, 3. Wingfield, Wolverton House. Cucumbers, 1. J Atkinson, 2. H. Willison. Tomatoes, 1. J J Atkinson, 2. G Roberts. Marrows, 1. F Toombs, 2. H. Willison. Collection of potatoes, 1. A Childs, 2. D Merriden, 3. S Williams. Celery, 1. A Grant-Thorold, 2. Colonel Gordon. Kidney beans, 1. Wingfield, 2. J J Atkinson, 3. Colonel Gordon. Peas, 1. T Seymour, 2. W H Williams, Wolverton. Long beet, 1. Wingfield, 2. J J Atkinson. Round beet, 1. J Ibell, Stony Stratford, 2. A Grant-Thorold. Lettuce, 1. Wingfield, 2. Colonel Gordon.

Fruit – Collection of fruit, 1. A Grant-Thorold, 2. Wingfield. Plums, 1. Wingfield, 2. Colonel Gordon. Cooking apples, 1. A Grant-Thorold, 2 T Seymour. Dessert apples, 1. Colonel Gordon, 2. A Grant-Thorold.  Flowers – Roses, 1. W H Williams, 2. Rev H Last, Stony Stratford. Carnations, 1. J J Atkinson. Foliage plants, 1. A Grant-Thorold, 2. J J Atkinson. Dahlias, 1. Colonel Gordon. Begonias, 1. Mrs Seymour, 2. T Seymour. Ferns, 1. H Willison, 2. Mrs Seymour. Collection of cut blooms, 1. Miss Grant-Thorold, 2. Mrs Seymour. 3. Wingfield. Wild flowers, 1. F Briggs, 2. W Briggs, 3. B Toombs.

Special Prizes (by Messrs Daniels Bros) 1. A Childs, 2. S Williams.

Cycle Parade – During the afternoon a cycle parade took place, and though not so many entries were attracted for the competitions as could have been desired, the parade proved most interesting. The judges were Miss Atkinson, Miss St John Mildmay, Mrs Fraser and Colonel Gordon. They gave their decisions as follows:

For best decorated cycle (natural flowers or foliage) 1. T Keen, 2. C Mackerness, 3. J Jarvis. For most effective costume (lady), 1. Miss Bull, 2. Mrs Lane. For most effective costume (gentleman), 1. J Jarvis, 2. C Johnson.

Capital arrangements were made by the Hon Secretary (Mr T Seymour) and the following committee – Messrs D Merriden, S Williams, A Childs, G Clifton, T Jelley, T Lord, M Beasley, W Clarke etc.