Cosgrove Church Wall Hangings

The Village Map was designed and painted by Katie Thomas, and the panels surrounding it
were each designed and made by different people showing favourite village scenes.
Village sign
Doreen Spedding
Medlar House
Elizabeth Welch
Carts and Crafts
Wendy Page
Lock Cottage
Sue Jones
Katie Thomas
Iron Trunk
Katie Thomas
Map designed and painted by

Katie Thomas
Elm at Crossroads
Mary Russell
Cosgrove Village
2002 - 2003
Horse Tunnel
Jill Stillman
Ruth Stokes
Joyce Richards
Lodge Cottage
Jane Mileson
Joyce Richards
Cosgrove Bridge
Poppy Fields
Dorothy Burnett

The Peter and Paul Banners were designed and made in 1992 by Katie Thomas.

The Shepherd Window hanging shows
St Peter’s symbol of the reversed cross and keys,
with a detail from the Longueville window and an owl.
This is a silk painting by Yvonne Bell
of Deanshanger.

The Bats hanging was one of the first pieces made when the group was formed (see Clubs and Societies).
Each panel depicts an artefact in the Church and was designed and made by a different person, using different techniques.

 Organ candle
Katie Thomas
Flowers taken from font
Ruth Stokes
 Tower Door
Sue Jones

Double headed Eagle
from window
Joyce Richards
Boat and fishermen
Doreen Speddings
Dove from font
 Ruth Stokes

Organ pipes
Wendy Page
Flowers on Stand
Dorothy Burnett
Sue Jones

Molly Kightley stitched the Last Supper tapestry.

The British Legion Banner hangs on the West Wall near the War Memorial plaques.