Cosgrove Church - Miscellaneous Records 1291 - 1972 including Glebe Terriers

The following at taken from the Cleley Hundred Slips by Philip Riden

Taxation Nich IV (Rec Com) 38            Church 1291    

1291.  The spiritualities of the church of Covesgraue are valued at £6  13s  4d.

Taxation Nich IV (Rec Com) 38            Church 1291    

1291. The abbey of Grestain has land, rent and mills valued at £10 4s 9d in Prestone and Covesgrave. The taxation was cancelled in 1373.

Plac de Ouo Warr  (Rec Com0 531       Church 1330    

1330.  The prior of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in England is summoned to answer by what warranty he holds a frankpledge court in the following villages: Bradden, Welleford, Bockeby, Flore, Horpol, Fortho, Covesgrave, Shitelhangre, Stoke Bruer and Eston, Magna Doddington, Magna Hoghton and Bosgate, Glapethorn, Thrappeston, Pappele, Wynewok, Clopton, Walmesford, Barton Hanred, Aldwyncle, Cokebrok, Odgerston and Benyfield. Brother John of Bynnebrok, attorney, stated that the courts belong to the manor had been given at a time beyond existing memory, and that the prior and his predecessors were given season of the aforesaid liberties at the time that they were given the manors.

Valor Eccl. (ec Com) IV. 331                 Church 1535-6             

1535-6.  Deanery of Preston.  The Rectory of Covewsgrave (Thomas Russell incumbent) is valued at: tithes and communal oblations £15  20d;

Synodal dues and procurations for the Archdeanery of Northampton 10s 7d:

remainder £14 11s 1d:

thence for tithes 29s 1d.

NRO, Glebe Terriers                 Church 1633               

Bundles starts with two skins of parchment, one damaged at the top, a terrier of 1633.  Next one is a copy early 18th century, of the 1633 terrier given to the Bishop by Mr. John Whaley, rector of Cosgrove 16 Dec 1633.

Terrier of all lands etc.  belonging to Cosgrove rectory in the parishes, fields and hamlets of Cosgrove, Furtho and East Pury, now in the ten. of John Whaley, rector, made 10 Dec 1633.

Dwelling house, two barns, stables, kill house, orchard, two gardens, two closes whereof one is the churchyard, one little pyghtle which is the tithing man’s pound yearly at the first day of August until the harvest be ended (abuttals).

Middle field.  Mentions Acre Furlong, Washing Trough Furlong, the Mortar Pits, Hanslope Way, Barnwells Way, Woolland Furlong.

Leys in Middle Field.  11 Leys lying together on Overstreet Furlong within Furtho new pasture.  And some other leys.

Malissa Field.  Lands on Barley Hill, Bidwell Furlong, Hillmore Furlong, Steaning Meadow, Longland Furlong, Nether Piblety Furlong, Mooresgutter, Over Pebley Furlong, Gosty Furlong, Hisworth Furlong, Hanging Goales, Nether Blackland Furlong, Colesmooremill Furlong.

Leys in Moores Field. Bidwell Hill, Lantherne Furlong, Blackland Slade, Steaning Meadow.

Quarry Field. Middle Furlong, Stony Furlong, Lynces Furlong, furlong shooting on Old Stratford, Water Furrow Furlong, Hartwell Furlong, Over Prest Hill, Nether Prest Hill, Mortat Pits, Shrobfurlong, Path Furlong, footway leading to Furtho Church, Nether Heydon Furlong or Cuttles.

Leys in Quarry Field. South Mead leys.

Meadow Ground, Bidwell Meadow, Steaning meadow, Hisworth Meadow.

Tithes in Foreign Fields.

NB there are also tithes to be kept in remembrance which are in three fields which are all in the occupation of strangers of other parishes, which said three fields are thus named: Scratcher Herne, Kimsons Field and Pooksley Field lying between Temple Lane and the Stockings.

There be also tithes of divers pasture grounds in the hands of foreigners lying towards Potterspury and Byards Watering.

There be also tithes in a corner called Old Furtho Green and in Pusdole which Mr Whaley the rector of this parish received out of Mr Furtho’s hands.

There be also tithes in three closes lying near unto Pooksley pasture which the rector hath peaceably received. And of two ancient closes within the said pasture, which are kept by perambulation every third year, for which were moneys paid heretofore, but in the time of the present incumbent none hath been paid.

There be also tithes of Brownswood and Brownswood Green duly paid.

Lastly of those glebe lands mentioned in the terrier to be inclosed in Furtho new pasture, viz, 11 leys lying together and one acre on the same furlong.  The parsonage of Cosgrove is spoiled of them, they were wrongfully exchanged in favour to the patron of Furtho by Christopher Emerson rector of Cosgrove, who was also rector of Furtho.  And albeit the next successor Mr. Bradshaw bachelor in divinity did continue suit to recover them during his lifetime yet he was deluded by the cunning of the aforesaid patron of Furtho, namely Mr. Furtho, and the tenants of the said Furtho, so that the present rector Mr. Whaley could never yet quietly enjoy them.

Memo.  That instead of making the pightle mentioned in the terrier a pound for the tithing man during the time of harvest Mr. Naylor last incumbent of this parish gave 40 shillings towards building a pound at the town’s end for that purpose and to free the parsonage of the aforesaid charge and trouble of making the pightle the pound. [Pound then at Yardley Road]

Signed John Mansell Rector (early 19th C rector)

[The abuttals in the common field entries include Furtho and East Pury glebe as well as lord of Cosgrove and various private owners.  Three lots of glebe evidently intermixed between three fields, which include land in both Cosgrove and Furtho.

This is a transcript of the original 1633 terrier; original is signed by John Whaley rector, George Emerson, John Beauchamp, Robert Emerson, and two churchwardens whose names are torn away]

NRO Glebe Terriers                  Church 1726    

Terrier of Lands etc. in parishes, fields and hamlets of Cosgrove and Furtho in ten. of John Mansel rector of Cosgrove 15 Oct 1726.

One dwelling house, broom house, woodhouse, barn, stable, with a close adjoining, two gardens, one garden house.

In More Fields. Lands in Bidwell Furlong, Barley Hill, Hills More, Longland, Blackland, Colesbury Hills, High Hisworth, Piblie.

In Middle Field. Lands in Stanchells, Long Sheep Hooks, Woodland, Wooland and Corbrand, Ruffield, Hery Fulrong, Cobb Bush.

In Quarry Fields. Lands in Nether Haden, Lower Thickthorne, Midland Furlong, Shelsdon, Reslock, Water Furrows, Heartwell, Upper Pristle, Pristle Hole, Palk Furlong, Hermitage Meadow.

Meadows and Leys. Cadal Leys, Notwood Leys, South Meadow Leys, Church Leys, Middle Field Sandy lane Slade, Crabtree Leys, Low Thorne, Laneing Leys, Hisworth meadow, Steaning Meadoww, Bidwell Meadow, South Meadow.

Signed by rector, two wardens and three inhabitants.

NRO Glebe Terriers                  Church 1730                

Terrier of lands etc. in Cosgrove and Furtho in ten William Tompsun, rector, 29 June, 1730

One dwelling house, broom house, Woodhouse, barn, stable, with a close adjoining, two gardens, one garden house.

In More Fields. Lands in Bidwell Furlong, Barley Hill, Hills Moore, Longland, Blackland, Colesbure Mills, High Hisworth, Piblie.

In Middle Field. Lands in Stanchells, Long Sheep Hooks, Woodland, Woolland and Gall Brad, Ruffield, Acre Furlong, Cobb Bush.

In Quarry Fields. Lands in Nether Haden, Lower Thick Thorne, Midland Furlong, Shelsdon, Reslock, Water Furrows, Heartwell, Upper Pristle, Pristle Hole, Palk Furlong, Hermitage Meadow.

Meadows and Leys. Cadwel Leys, Notwood Leys, South Meadow Leys, Church Leys, Middle Field Sandy Lane Slade, Crabtree Leys, Low Thorne, Laneing Leys, Hisworth Meadow, Steaning Meadoww, Bidwell Meadow, South Meadow.

Signed by John Mackerness, curate, and two wardens.

NRO Glebe Terriers                  Church 1733                

9 July 1733. William Thomson rector.

Identical to 1730 except minor variations in spelling.

NRO Glebe Terriers                  Church 1733                

5 July 1733. William Thomson rector.

Semi tabular layout of lands in Moore Field, Middle Field and Quarry Field. Same names as before.

Signed by rector and two wardens.

NRO Glebe Terriers                  Church 1739                

Land etc. belonging to Cosgrove rectory in the parishes and open and common fields of Cosgrove, Furtho, and Potterspury, now in ten. Samuel Durrant of Cosgrove [warden and not rector] 21 July, 1739

One mess, great barn, two stables, two gardens and one little close.

Arable in Quarry field, Middle field and Moores Field, Leys ground in each of the three fields.  Meadow ground.

Colesbury Mills still mentioned as a place name in Moores Field but Hermitage Meadow not named.

Signed by Samuel Durrant and James Rand.

NRO Glebe Terriers                  Church 1744                

No significant changes

NRO Glebe Terriers                  Church 1749                

25 July, 1749 William Thomson rector

House, brew house barn, two stables with a close adjoining, two gardens which join upon a close (next the street) called Stratford Charity late Newman’s north, Church Lane south, late Scot’s east, the Churchyard west.

Fieldd names as before

Signed by rector and two wardens.

NRO Glebe Terriers                  Church 1752                

Details as in 1749 but at William Thomson’s decease, of a sequestrator.

Lands in all 27a  1r  2p

NRO Glebe Terriers                  Church 1758                

17 July, 1758 Rev. Dr. Pulter Forester rector.

House Anne Lowndes described as before total amount reckoned as 37a  1r  2p

Signed by Pulter Forester rector and two wardens

NRO Glebe Terriers                  Church 1761                

24 June 1761

Details as 1768

NRO Glebe Terriers                  Church 1771                

Cosgrove rector lands and tithes: by act of 1767 all fields of Cosgrove were enclosed, and a more convenient allotment of land was awarded in lieu of tithes great and small, and a more convenient glebe appointed, as follows:

Lands allotted as part of glebe and for a more convenient homestead, abut south west on John Mansel, south east on river Ouse, NE by John Williams and Gabriel Rand, northwest on street and homestead of the rectory. 24.3.11.

Steany Meadow abuts east on river, south on Thrupp Road, west and north on John Biggin. 22.2.25.

Another parcel abuts north on Northampton road, north east on George Mansel esquire, south east on John Biggin esquire, south on John Rye now Mr. Biggin. 40.1.32

Another parcel abuts south west on Lands of Mr. Whaley, northwest on Northampton road, north east on William Corbett and John Rye. 61.2.38

Another parcel abuts northwest north and north east on old inclosure of Furtho and a piece of Whalley’s charity land, west on rector of Furtho and Mr. Whalley and south on Northampton road. 44.1.33

NB: under act or Lowndes above to be leased by rector to Matthew Knapp esq. for 15 years from Lady Day 1768 to enable subdivisions and fences to be completed.

Grounds which contained the mansion house, offices, stables, farm yard and barns contain 3.1.6.

In all 197.3.25.

All the tithes of Kenson fields, are also at Brown’s Wood also the tithes of such closes at Cosgrove and Old Stratford for which no compensation was made by land in exchange, and Easter offerings and surplice fees belong to the rectory.

Buildings belonging to the rector are: mansion house, offices and stables, and other conveniences complete, together with two barns and other buildings for occupation of farm, and one new barn in new grounds.  This is exact account taken 4 July, 1771; signed rector and wardens

NRO Glebe Terriers                  Church 1852                

Terrier of all land etc. belonging to rectory and parish church of Cosgrove, in possession John Graham M.A., rector, 10 May, 1852

Terrier taken from plan made in 1824:


Church and Churchyard





House, buildings, pleasure ground










Kitchen Garden




Grass field: Doctor’s Piece





Washing Troughs





Washing Troughs





Long Land





Shrub Furlong





Shrub Furlong





Lower Cresses (Grass)





Between Ways





Upper Haydon





Haydon Furlong





Cuttel Furlong





Cuttel Furlong





Black Furlong





Street Furlong





Long Wool Land





Sandy Land (Grass)





Upper Street Furlong





Upper Wool Land





Two Grass Fields (Steany Meadow) area not on plan, estimated




Kelly’s Directory 1894, 52         Church 1894    

New entry since 1885: new organ has been placed in the church at a cost of 100 guineas.  There are 200 sittings.

Living is the rectory, tithe rent charge £33.00, gross value £150 per annum including 236 acres glebe.  In gift of representatives of late Robert Stanley Mansel.

Kelly’s Directory 1898, 54         Church 1898    

Rectory said to be worth at £150 p.a., including 236 acres glebe.

Kelly’s Directory 1903, 57         Church 1903    

Rectory said to be worth £200 p.a. including 236 acres glebe, in gift of representatives of late Robert Stanley Mansel.

NRO Diocesan Records. Transfer of Patronage 13       Church 1904    

Transfer under Benefices Act 1898.  Date of transfer 15 July, 1904.  From Henry Newington Clarke Hewson, Cosgrove Rectory, to Sarah Grace Gardner, 6 Saint Andrews Road, Portslade, Sussex, the wife of William Gardner, in fee simple subject to mortgage of 14 July, 1904.  Last institution 18 Jan 1893.  With proviso for redemption on payment of £441 9s.  Register 22 July, 1904.  This is in fact a mortgage of the advowson.

Another mortgage of the same dates from HNC Hewson and Sarah Grace Gardner to Thomas Arthur Rawlinson and John Richards Cross Devereux both of 9 New Square, Lincoln’s Inn, in fee simple, with proviso for redemption on payment of £300 pounds and interest.

Advowson charged twice on the same day with mortgages totalling £744.

Kelly’s Directory 1906, 59         Church 1906    

Living said to be worth £200 p.a. including 236 acres glebe, with residence, in gift of representatives of late Robert Stanley Mansel.

NRO Diocesan Records. Transfer of Patronage 24       Church 1907    

22 June 1907.  From H N C Hewson to Sarah Grace Gardner the wife of William Gardner of Braemar, Portland Road, Portsland, Sussex.  Conveyance of all advowson etc. of Cosgrove with glebe lands, rent charges in lieu of tithes etc.  Last admission to living December 1893.  Registration dated 23 July, 1907.

This must in effect be the mortgagee foreclosing on the loans made in 1904. [speculation by Riden?]

Kelly’s Directory 1914, 61         Church 1914    

Living still net worth £200 p.a. including 236 acres glebe, now in gift Miss Hewson [compare with 1910]

Kelly’s Directory 1920, 60         Church 1920    

Living valued at £200 p.a. including 236 acres glebe, in gift of Miss Hewson.  Rector since 1893 is Rev. Henry Newington Clarke Hewson.

NRO Diocesan Records. Transfer of Patronage 70       Church 1922    

As well as registration, there is a copy indre of 2 March 1922 between Wilfred Hamilton Stilgoe, London, the mortgagee, and Rev. H N C Hewson, the mortgagor.  Supplemental to mortgage of 14 April, 1907 between Hewson and S G Gardner now deceased and Mary Law Simpson, being a mortgage of the advowson of Cosgrove and of 41 White Rock Place, Southwick, Sussex for securing £300 plus interest to M L Simpson.  Also indre 22 June, 1907 between Hewson and Gardner of Cosgrove of Cosgrove advowson.  Also indre 29 September, 1909 transferring mortgage from Mary Law Simpson to W H Stilgoe.

Sarah Gardner died 12 May, 1920, having appointed Hewson executor and trustee, who proved 24 August, 1920.  But Testatrix died intestate as to advowson leaving Hewson her hair at law.  Hewson sold Southwick property in 1921.  This deed is a release from Stilgoe to Hewson of advowson, mortgage having been discharged.

Transfer being registered 9 March, 1922 is therefore the deed of 2 March, transfer by W H Stilgoe to Hewson of Stilgoe’s interest as mortgagee in the advowson. 

Kelly’s Directory 1924, 62         Church 1924    

Living is a Rectory, net value £200 p.a. including 236 acres glebe, with residence in gift of trustees.

Not Miss Hewson, although Rector still said to be Rev. Henry Newington Clarke Hewson. Resident at Rectory listed as Richard Kingersley Johnson, also Rev Richard Stanham, curate.

Kelly’s Directory 1928, 60         Church 1928    

Living is a Rectory, net value £200 p.a. including 236 acres glebe, with residence in gift of trustees.

Held since 1893 by Rev. Henry Newington Clarke Hewson, listed at this time at Rectory, also Rev J J A Stockton, curate.

Kelly’s Directory 1931, 60         Church 1931    

Living is a Rectory, net value £200 p.a. including 236 acres glebe, with residence in gift of trustees.

Held since 1893 by Rev. Henry Newington Clarke Hewson

NRO, 81p/271               Church 1932                

25 said 1932.  PCC.  Repair fund stands at £277.  First builder’s bill of £59.00 passed for payment.  Architect (Weir) to be asked for plans and specifications for re-leading nave roof so that tenders could be obtained.

31 March.  Reported that no faculty needed for further stage in repairs, as long as council retained Weir as consulting architect.  Quotation for stripping, recasting and re-laying lead on nave roof accepted.

11 July.  Special meeting.  Captain Atkinson explained that a few days ago Weir had reported that a very finely preserved oak ceiling of 15th century date was lying concealed behind the present modern and unsightly plaster arrangement.  Weir asked if council would sanction removal of the ceiling in order to restore nave to former state of beauty.  Some damage had been done when plaster was put in, which would have to be made good anyway; question is whether to spend comparatively little more money and have the eyesore removed.  Atkinson said he and his wife would give £50 towards extra cost; W W Dickens made similar offer; W S Parrott promised £5.  Agreed to go ahead with removal of plaster ceiling in accordance with Weir’s suggestion and that he should be asked to examine chancel ceiling to see if anything ancient hidden there.  All households to be canvassed for extra donations to meet cost.

NRO 81p/237/1             Church 1932                

10 October, 1932.  The faculty for removing plaster ceiling in nave and placing a stone cross on eastern gable of the chancel.  Petition that in consequence of discovery of a handsome and interesting 15th century oak roof, hidden under a modern and unsightly lath and plaster ceiling in nave, and also desire to replace the stone cross on eastern gable of chancel, it was proposed to remove plaster ceiling, exposed oak roof; also replace in Portland stone, in accordance with design by William Weir, architect (drawing attached), plain stone cross which was blown down and smashed some years ago.  PCC resolution passed 11 July, 1932.

NRO, 81p/271               Church 1933                

26 Jan 1933.  PCC receives from Diocese notice of intended transfer of advowson of Cosgrove to Francis Arthur Alexander Hewson for sum of £350.  No objection raised.

Kelly’s Directory 1936, 61         Church 1936    

Living is a Rectory, net value £314 p.a. including 236 acres glebe, with residence in gift of F F A Hewson esq and held since 1898 by Hewson.

NRO 81p/271                Church 1939                

15 April 1939.

Annual vestry.  Rector H N C Hewson appoints F A A Hewson as his warden, in place of Captain Atkinson.  Capt A and his wife still at every meeting and paying for most things

NRO 81p/233                            Church 1944    

9 Feb 1944.  Letter from diocese dilapidations board to Mrs Field, agreed and saying that only incumbent knows exactly benefice income, since mostly from the rents, which are not recorded in registry.

Glebe rents reported to QAB by Rev. H N C Hewson in 1940 as £368 per annum.  QAB in lieu of tithe £13 15s 10d.  Easter offerings etc. brings total to £ 302 net.  Grant by QAB 2/3 dilapidations £57 making £359 as final figure.

Ecclesiastical commissioners only augment a benefice of between 300 and 1000 people, as Cosgrove by grant up to £350 if patronage is public or unsaleable; at Cosgrove it is private and saleable.  So grant only available to raise income to £300 but it is already above this.

Diocesan finance board has some money to augment livings but no case for Cosgrove getting any.  Records in in paying quota also very bad: those the paid more likely to get grants since finance Board. gets its money from the quota.  Advised to try Rural Dean.

NRO 81p/271                Church 1943-44           

2 Oct 1943.  PCC meeting to discuss services and how the duty was to be performed.  Mrs. Feil churchwarden stated that Rector Hewson was incapable of performing duty owing to his age; everyone agreed that was obvious, but could see no way out of difficulty.  Rev. Beasley to be asked to take Sunday afternoon services; no morning service possible; Hewson (patron) to pay for this.

25 March 1944.  Annual PCC.  F A Hewson (patron and rector’s warden) said that his father Rev. Hewson still wished him to act as rector’s warden and he was re-elected.

15 April 1944.  PCC discusses letter from Ecclesiastical Commissioners raising benefice income; also letter from Diocesan Dilapidations Board re helping towards cost of glebe dilapidations.  The PCC says they cannot help on either count.

NRO 81p/231                Church c 1945                         

Two pages from a glebe terrier, undated but described three fields as ‘Broken up under orders’ presumably during WW2; other MS amendments also made. Possibly the basis of the 1955 terrier.

Glebe Farm: OS76, 78, 94, 75 in Cosgrove, 44, 45, 46, 47, 57, 58, 60 Furtho, of which pt 75C and pt 44F are both called homestead and buildings. Total 110a. Let to Mr and Mrs G W Ruff on written Mich, tenancy at £165 p.a. Crossed through and marked sold.

Rectory Farm (also known as Yardley Fields): Cosgrove 24, 37, 44, 45, 47, 49, 59. Total 92a. Let to S Ratledge sen. On unwritten Mich agreement at £131, altered to £140 p.a.

Bear’s Watering: OS 205, 207, 208 Potterspury. Wm Panter, unwritten Mich agreement. 24a. £24 pa.

Doctor’s Piece: OS 231 Cosgrove. 9a. R H Maycock, £28 pa. Crossed through and marked sold.

Rectory and grounds. In hand except for stables let to R W Hills at £30; altered in MS to show Hills has bought stables. OS Cosgrove 99-102.

Longwood House : in two tenements at 10s a week each.

Wayleave for sewer : £2 p.a. paid by Mrs Winterbottom, Cosgrove Hall, altered to Major the Hon J B Fermor – Hesketh. Also an electricity wayleave paid by Northampton Electric Light Co.

NRO 81p/271                Church 1948                

28 May 1948.  Special meeting to discuss reopening old churchyard; explained that this would never be possible.

27 August.  Meeting to pass formal resolution approving sale of about half an acre of rectory grounds for a public cemetery.  Council feels that this is desirable in public interest, amenities and value of the rectory will not be affected and prospects for future sale of rectory and grounds will not be prejudiced. 

NRO 81p/556                Church 1949-52                       

12 October, 1949.  Incumbent of Cosgrove to parish council.  Conveyance of site of new burial ground, carved out of old orchard and rectory grounds to northeast of rectory itself, near one corner of disused brewery


3 September, 1950.  Copy sentence of consecration of a portion of public cemetery at Cosgrove.


Scrap of paper noting that first burial in new cemetery was 8 Jan 1952

[anecdotally believed to be Samuel Williams and or wife Edith, nearest the cemetery gate]

NRO 81p/273

26 Jan 1954.  Rectory land to be sold had been plotted and was expected to raise about £1315.  Improvements directory now estimated to cost £2500.

18 March rector did not know when rebuilding work at rectory would start.  Noted that Mr. Hewson has brought all the lands put up for sale; hoped he would sell the old rectory drive back to save expense of making a new one.

NRO 81p/222                Church Parsonage 1954-9       

Fire love letters and papers RE reconstruction of parsonage in 1954 to 1959.  First letter dated 4 May, 1954 from Bilapidations Board: notes various delays to scheme already under discussion.  Part of parsonage grounds being sold by auction.

April 1955: board director: this whole business has worked out very expensive; would have been much better to have stuck to original plan, demolished old rectory and builds a new house on part of grounds.  But that Lowndes has now been sold so we have to press on.  Tenders for work are “fantastic”.

Parish sales Longwood house or part of its sale is said to be a the cottage, to meet some of the cost of rebuilding parsonage.  Longworth house evidently divided into two cottages, both of which are sold.  Some of land was bought at sale by Hewson, the patron, and includes the land he wished to give to the parish for a recreation ground.  Letter of 16 November, 1956 from the Dilapidations Board speak of Hewson making difficulties which have delayed sales.  Also notes that original reason for selling part of rectory grounds was that they were impossibly large: not helpful for Hewson now to suggest handing land back to parish.

NRO 81p/280                Church Parsonage 1955          

Among general PCC correspondence of 1950s his letter from Dilapidations Board 29 July, 1955 saying that at long last the new rectory is going ahead.  May seem expensive but we have to build to last.  Comfort to the parish to know that whole cost has been found from sale of parsonage premises and a grant of £1500 from board.

NRO 81p/224                Church Terrier 1955    

And terrier, 28 April, 1955.  The rectory is built of stone and slate roofs.  Carriage and hen house outside, ground about 1.5 acres, rest of original 48a having been sold.

Land OS 24, 37, 44, 45, 47, 49, 59, total 92.292a.

Rectory Farm, also known as Yardley Fields, tenant S Ratledge on Michaelmas tenance at £140 p.a.

Bear’s Watering OS 205, 206, 207, 208, Wm Panter on unwritten Mich tenancy at £24 p.a.

Longwood House divided into two weekly tenancies at 10s a week, producing £24 p.a.

Annual payment by Ecclesiastical Commissioners or QAB £215 (1954-5)

Outgoings : Church Commissioners loan on repairs to rectory expires 1956 £26 p.a. Dilapidations £78, Ouse Catchment Board assessment £19.

Church described as in 1962 report. Chancel partly rebuilt 1770-4. Nave C13, rebuilt after fire 1586. Tower C14.

Rector and churchwardens also own Old School.

Churchyard is OS 104, OS 103a is churchyard extension commenced in 1903, now nearly full. Part OS 101 is burial ground belonging to Parish Council, purchased from Rectory (formerly orchard) in 1949. Nearly all consecrated.

NRO 81p/273                Church 1962                

25 June 1962. Architect’s report received. Agreed to start on first phase of work recommended at cost of £375. Aslo that sufficient funds in hand to start on church roof.

10 Sept. Tenders sought, PCC applies for faculty.

17 Dec. Proposal from Diocese to move rector – He and his wife wanted to remain in Cosgrove too expensive to maintain rectory. Sale of Longwood House considered to raise money. Agreed to pay rector’s phone bill. Diocese to be told PCC opposes sale of rectory.

NRO 81p/273                Church 1964                

10 Feb 1964. Diocese has decided to build a rectory at Deanshanger, could not say when.

14 Sept. Agreement to install electric blower for organ.

23 Nov. Disagreement over re-use or replacement of chancel roof timbers. Orgn blower postponed for time being.

NRO 81p/228                            Church 1966                

Folder re refurbishment of rectory in 1966 when Canon Woodward moves in. New fireplace, power points, kitchen fittings etc.

NRO 81p/230                            Church 1972                

1 Nov 1972. Mortgage from Church Commissioners to incumbent for improvements to parsonage. £1300 repayable over ten years.