Survey dated 1894 of the Church Plate

1894 Church Plate


SS Peter and Paul                                                                     PRESTON SECOND DEANERY

1. SILVER CUP – Weight 10:4. Height 7½. Diam. of bowl 3½, of foot 3⅛. Date 1569. Hall marks: (1) Small black letter M; (2) Leopard’s head crowned; (3) Lion passant; (4) A trefoil in shaped shield.

This has a rather tall bowl with slightly concave sides, round which is the usual strap ornament, enclosing foliage. The stem is evenly balanced, swelling above and below with circular knop on fillet. The foot is plain.

2. SILVER PATEN – Weight 8:6. Diam. 7. Diam. of foot 2¼. Height 1⅛. Date circa 1680. Hall marks: (1) Leopard’s head crowned in circle; (2) Lion passant in oblong; (3) P R in shaped shield.

This is quite plain, on foot, which is closed below.

3. SILVER ALMS DISH – Weight 11:15. Diam. 8¾. Date 1704. Hall marks: (1) Court hand 1; (2) Lion’s head erased; (3) Britannia; (4) R under curved line in shaped shield.

This is flat, and quite plain; it is much scratched and cut, having been used as a bread holder. It has these words in centre: The gift of Mrs Mary Mowbray to the Parish Church of Gosegrave. 1705.

4. SILVER FLAGON – Weight 16:12. Height 10. Diam. Of centre 4½. Date 1851. London hall marks. This is of modern medieval shape; round the centre is the legend: Pasha nostrum immolatus est Christus. Presented to Cosgrove Church A.D. 1853 in remembrance of Rev. Henry Longueville Mansel, M.A., 26 years Rector of this Parish.

5. SILVER PLATED CUP – Height 9¾. Diam. of bowl 4, of foot 4¼.

This cup has been much worn; it is quite plain; on the front of the bowl is engraved Cosgrove 1753.

Nothing is known of this Mrs Mowbray.

Henry Longueville Mansel, who was the son of John Mansel, was born at Cosgrave in 1783, and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he took his A.M. degree. On the 7th February 1810, on the presentation of his brother, John Christopher Mansel, he was instituted Rector of Cosgrave, where he lived until his death. He was buried in Cosgrave churchyard, the following inscription being placed on his tombstone: “The Rev Henry Longueville Mansel, M.A., Rector of Cosgrove. Born August 5th 1873. Died March 4th 1835.”