Brasses in Cosgrove Church
Caroline Jane McDonall

Date of recording 11.1.2007  
  Village or town Name of church
  COSGROVE St Peter and St Paul
LSW No. X Brass:  
In loving Memory of
Caroline Jane
Wife of the
Revn.d. P.G. McDouall
Rector of Cosgrove this memorial is
erected by her five sorrowing daughters
She died Dec.b.r. 28th 1884
also of
Patrick Crichton Stuart
only son of the above
who died in Australia
June 25th. 1884 age 30
Psalm 35.1



Size Brass: 49.5cm (1ft. 6in) x 91.5cm (3ft) in black marble slab 105cm (3ft.6in) x 61cm (2ft) Where in church

Chancel north wall, over door
Maker's name