The Brewery & Wharf Cottages

Location of the Brewery buildings
View of the Brewery and Wharf Cottages from the canal going towards the locks
The former brewery in Cosgrove - photo taken September 1965
View across the canal and Doctor's Piece to the rear of the Brewery

The Brewery Dock
Rear of the Brewery

The Brewey was later turned into industrial units

In the 1780s and early 1790s there was a malthouse in Cosgrove run by a John Franklin. He was succeeded in 1799 by John Pittam, and later in the 1840s what was presumably the same business was under the ownership of a Daniel Warren, who was also a coal merchant, a corn merchant and a wharfinger.

Warren was followed in 1874 by Francis Desvaux Bull, who was solely a brewer and maltster. In 1888 he sold the business to Phipps & Co of Northampton and stayed on as their manager until 1892. The premises came to be used as a store in the early 1900s, and Phipps closed the whole enterprise down in 1912. The buildings were sold to a local builder in 1932, and used by a number of commercial and light industrial users before being largely demolished in 2000.

Possibly the earliest known photo of Cosgrove showing the Warren family
outside their house near the Brewery which Mr Warren built in 1858

Maria Turner Bull (nee Osborn), about 1870
Francis Desvaux Bull, about 1870
By kind permission of John Coales

Twelve Generations complied by John Coales pages 411 & 413


Page 411 & 413
This chapter is rather different to its neighbours. For one thing there are no living descendants from whom information could be obtained. Secondly there is a certain amount of information about the wife's ancestry from which it can be stated that the Osborns originated from Newport Pagnell; this is indicated on the accompanying pedigree and also with more detail in Appendix A and Appendix B at the end of the chapter. Whilst we do not know any more regarding these persons, nevertheless we hope the information may provide clues to others in their researches.

As has been described in Chapter 60, Francis Desvaux BULL (Fig. 227) was the fourth of the seven children of William Bateman BULL and his wife Anne ROGERS. He was born on 26th December 1837 at Newport Pagnell and was educated at Mill Hill from 1849to 1852. On 23rdOctober 1867 he married Maria Turner OSBORN (Fig. 228, born 7th August 1841 at Bradford) at Bradford. Her marriage settlement is given in Appendix C and we are fortunate in that it not only refers to her mother's marriage settlement but also provides information by supplementary deed until it was finally wound up after her death. In this document Francis Desvaux BULL is referred to as a brewer and it is probable that he was employed in the Rogers brewery at Newport Pagnell since he is reputed to have lived in the Brewery House. But he turned out to be a black sheep becoming bankrupt at some date; later he lived at Cosgrove, Northants - where I believe there was once a brewery - and shortly after his death his widow was living at Furtho House, Old Stratford, Northants. He died on 27th March 1910, probably at Old Stratford. His widow made her will shortly thereafter but did not die until 14thJuly 1926 at Stockton in Warwickshire. By this will she directed that the Trust Fund created in 1867 should be divided equally between her children; after bequeathing specific items to various of her children, the residue was to be divided between her three daughters.

Francis and Maria had five children of whom only one married and he did not have any offspring, so this is a line which comes to an end. The children were:

1. Frances Mary BULL born 4th June 1872 at place unknown and died unmarried on 7th March 1937 in the Warwick registration district; it is probable that she died at Southam or Stockton. Her age is recorded as 54 whereas it should be 64. In the marriage settlement no occupation is stated, so it is probable that she lived at home with her parents. She made her will in 1926 leaving personal effects to her two sisters, £50 each to her two brothers, £100 to her sister Annette and the residue to her sister Jessie; the estate was valued at £1,036 gross and £887 nett.

2. Thomas Palmer BULL born 8th October 1873 at place unknown. He married on 9th August in year unknown Nellie MACKINTOSH (date and place of birth unknown) at Inverness, Scotland. By profession he was, I think, an engineer and certainly was manager of the cement works at Stockton, near Southam in Warwickshire. On his retirement he moved to Stirling in Scotland where he died on 31st December 1955; we have no record of the death of his wife. There were no children. He made his will in 1923 leaving everything to his wife; the estate was valued at £1,297 nett.

3. Rowland Francis BULL born 13th February 1875 at place unknown. By profession he was an electrical engineer (I have heard it said 'not a very good one') and at one period lived in Liverpool. As will be seen from the marriage settlement, both he and his elder brother were at one time resident at Sunbury on Thames; it is surmised that they were apprentices to their cousin Harold Frederick COALES (see Chapter 54). He died, probably at Leamington in Warwickshire, on 30th March 1968, aged 93; in his will (see Appendix D) he left numerous pecuniary legacies to various cousins but there was not enough to pay them in full so they had to be scaled down.

4. Annette Desvaux BULL (known as Nettie) born 19th December 1876 at place unknown. In the marriage settlement she is described as a schoolmistress and at that time was residing in London. She died unmarried on 14th December 1961 in the Cheltenham registration district of Gloucestershire.

5. Jessie Maria BULL born 4th January 1880 at place unknown. In the marriage settlement she is described, like her sister, as a schoolmistress and at that time was residing in London. She died unmarried on 17th January 1955 at her residence at Southam. Her will was made in 1937 and the estate was valued at £1,115 nett; one-third was to be divided equally between her two brothers and two-thirds was left to her surviving sister, Annette.

I can recollect visiting Nettie and Jessie at the home they shared in Southam. They knew much about the Bull family and had a lot of family items, miniatures and the like as well as Bateman silver. I often wonder what became of these.

As an indication of life early in the twentieth century, the Newport Pagnell Debating Society held a Ladies' Evening in the Town Hall on Thursday, 5th January 1911. One of the items on the programme is 'Cranford' - Scene II - Miss Barker's Tea Party where parts were taken by Miss Jessie BULL, Miss Margaret COALES, Miss Marjorie COALES, Miss Annette BULL, Miss Phyllis TAYLOR and Miss Edith BULL, together with only one outsider.

By kind permission of John Coales

Malcolm Jelly's lived at the old brewery, down Stocks Lane. This is his first bus with which he did weekly trips to London

Ref: Date Occupant
Kelly's Directory 1847 Daniel Warren, corn dealer, maltster, brewer & coal merchant
Census 1851 Daniel Warren
Census 1861 Daniel Warren
Census 1871 Daniel Warren
Post Office Directory 1877 Francis D. Bull brewer & maltster
Census 1881 Francis Desvaux Bull
Kelly's Directory 1890 Phipps & Co. Limited, brewers (Fras. Desvaux Bull, manager)
Census 1891 Francis Desvaux Bull
Kelly’s Directory 1894 Phipps & Co. Limited, brewers (Francis Desvaux Bull, manager)
Census 1901 No occupant
Kelly's Directory 1903 Phipps P. & Co. Limited brewers - Linthwaite George, manager of Phipps' brewery
Kelly's Directory 1903 Linthwaite George, Brewery House
Kelly's Directory 1910 Phipps P. & Co. Limited , brewers
Census 1911 William Herbert Sampson Army Pensioner (Brewery Clerk)